I am new

Hi everbody, I am a new here but I have been spinning for many years and years and love it I go to a spinning group once a month always many things to learn, and do a lot of knitting.

I live down under is there any body else from this part of the world.love to hear from you and about your spinning.
cheers busy bee

Welcome :hug:

Not down under. Sorry. I’m up top. :teehee: USA. Been spinning for a few months now.

Here’s a link to guilds. Maybe one os near you.

:waving: Welcome!

This board is pretty quiet…must be that we’re all busy spinning. :mrgreen:

Thanks Liliyarn and Julie, love your work, and thanks for the hello but I stay with my new friends thanks for the info for the sites down under.Will post some more when one has abit of time and tell you of my ufo’s and what is on my wheel, cheers busy bee happy spinning.