I am new to knitting

Hi. I am new to knitting but I have already learned so much from this website, I love it!
What would be a good first project for a newbie?


Hi, Ericka…and welcome
For a good first project that’s easy and useful, I’d suggest some cotton dishcloths. They’re small and you can learn many different stitch patterns, plus they’re great in the kitchen! I love my cotton dishcloths. The yarn is inexpensive, also, so that’s another good reason. Go to www.knittingpatterncentral.com and you’ll find hundreds of dishcloths to try. Happy knitting!

You could also make a scarf. That’s what I did when I was first learning.

Another great thing to learn from is making a patch afghan. You can do one with multiple squares in different pattern stitches.

I think a scarf is a good place to start. Have fun!!:knitting: :knitting: