I am new to knitting and need help with ribbing instructions

Can anyone help me understand this instruction from the pattern I am trying to knit:

Next row. Rib 7, (m1, rib 1) 18 times, m1, rib 8. 52 sts.

I dont understand what it wants me to do when it says ‘Rib 7’, or ‘rib 8’. I understand standard ribbing to be k2 then p2 and repeating this for the entire row.

Thanks to anyone that can help.

Standard ribbing IS k2p2 all the way across. It looks like you now have to do an increase row.

They want you to work the first 7 stitches in the ribbing you’ve been doing as
a 2,2,2, then the first stitch of the next rib, whether knit or purl, then do a M1 increase, and do the other rib stitch. You have to (m1, rib stitch) 18 times, so do a m1 increase, and knit or purl whatever the other stitch has been all along in the rib pattern. When you get to the end, work the last 8 stitches in the ribbing as established.