I am new here

Hello Everyone,
I am new to this knitting forum. Looks like fun!:woot:
My name is Kathy.
I already have a question, I am new to circular knitting, how do you join to make the circle when you have only 6 sts.
I have a pattern that requires dp’s but want to do it in circulars.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you:knitting:

Hi Kathy, welcome!

CO the 6 sts, then pull out the cord between them so you’ve got a loop, then push 3 all the way to one end and the other 3 about halfway along. Look at the Magic Loop video on the Advanced Techniques page for how to proceed from there.

Thanks for replying so fast!!
Love this.

I have tried that too and when I try to change over the stitches become tight and won’t budge.

There are three ways to do circular projects, magic loop (1 long circ), 2 circs, or DPNs. There isn’t a circular needle small enough to make a circle with only 6 stitches so you’ll need to use another method to start. Personally I don’t like magic loop would probably use two circs because you can continue on with that method as well.

What are you making?

I am making a hat. But guess what, I finally got it while I was waiting for a reply. I guess what I was doing wrong is not switching the needle over the cast on side.

So now my other question is: Is their a way to add a color while doing that method?

How would u use 2 circulars?

To change colors you just start knitting with it and weave in the ends and tighten it up at the join later.

I have only made hats bottom up with 16 in circulars then when it gets too small with decreases I change to DPNs. It would work the same way the other way I assume.

To use 16 in circs it’s easiest if you have around 80 stitches, but that varies with yarn weight. You just want enough to go around the needles comfortably.

There is a video here for 2 circs in advanced techniques and you can also check this.

I went to that video too. Looks interesting, is it much easier than the magic loop.

The pattern I am using says to start out with 6 sts. and inc until you reach 48 st.
I guess they want you to work it from top to bottom. This is for the top circle on hat. Could I reverse it and start out with 48?

I can not grasp dp needles at all. Clusty I guess.


You could reverse it and use two circs, but it would probably be easier to find a pattern that is bottom up.

I’m guessing with that size that it’s a baby hat. Here are tons of patterns for baby hats (and lots of other stuff).

You could start at the bottom and after knitting a few inches, dec to 6. But you may still need to do magic loop or 2 circs on the whole hat - 48 sts isn’t probably enough to fit on a 16" circular.

Its a pattern for an adult hat, which was given to me to create it for a development hat. The pattern is a big challege for me.
The first sentence says:
Cast on 6 sts. Knit circularly.k 2 rnds, next rnd inc 1, k1 to end
repeat between **2 more times.(48)sts. Note: Inc by picking up st from row below, twist and knit. Cut yarn.

Never heard of this method.

First of all I don’t see how 48 stitches would fit around an adults head unless the yarn is bulky or something. :think:

Is that the whole pattern? It should have you knitting for several inches before cutting.

Or maybe you cut the yarn to add a new color. But yes, it should be about 8-9 inches long and I don’t think the rows given would be enough. Unless it’s for really chunky yarn…

That is the circle top part of hat. Which is about 11 3/4 fr top of crown to rim. On this pattern they don’t tell you knit rows to equal such and such. I guess I have to go by measurements.
Then there is the body of the hat.
When you start the body of the hat which is 8 3/4 long.
Never seen a pattern like this before.

I think I’d look for a new pattern. There are tons of them out there that give you easier instructions.

Don’t give up on the dpns. I like them, but I like 4 instead of 5. Anyway, watch videos and just ignore the others when you are knitting on the one. It’s just a little different than straights. Remember to use the spare needle to knit or purl the other needles.

I just posted a response in the General forum. So you’re knitting a hat. . .try this instead, it’s great, and the instructions are for all sizes in every yarn weight: http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Knitting/Projects/Accessories/LW1268+Gotcha+Covered+1.htm