I am mad at myself

i finished a beautiful shawl for myself
in eyelash yarn
i am on of the crazy ladies that loves eyelash
i starting binding off and was bonding off
somehow i twisted the cable and bound off in the wrong
place and ended of with part of the shawl joined
and i couldnt undo the stitches
and trying to pick up stitches in eyelash yarn is next to eimpossible
i was headed to the garbage can but thought better of it
and frogged the whole thing
now i an punishing myself
i am not going to knit for myself
i am crocheting a blanket for charity cant screw that up


Awww, I’m sorry about your shawl. :hug:

How frustrating… but that doesn’t mean your not worthy of a second shot! :slight_smile:

aww, sorry to hear about that, I hope the blanket goes well and that you make something for yourself someday.

Why not take a break for a day and maybe tomorrow you will feel like trying to knit the shawl again.

I don’t think you should punish yourself! Knitting can be “punishing” enough without adding to it. Messing up is part of knitting. “Wasting time” doing something wrong is part of knitting. So forgive yourself! Maybe spend a little time knitting things for other, not to punish yourself, but just to get a success or two under your belt. Then, if you still want the shawl in eyelash yarn, go for it again (but stick in a lifeline right before you are about to bind off).

We all feel for you. I agree with the others who say to take a break and try again, and don’t forget the lifeline.

Sorry 'bout your shawl. If you should decide to do it again, take it from another eyelash lover - it’s difficult but not impossible to pick up & knit from it. The first FO I made was a hooded baby cardigan made in red eyelash & the pattern called for picking up & knitting the hood & both sleeves. It can be done! :hug:

thanks for all the replies
i feel a little better
and i never thought of the lifeline
good idea
and i was so angry about the mistake
that i really didnt try hard enough to pick up the stitches
good thing about all of this but i think i can finish this blanket for lynus before christmas

Yup, I think we’ve all done stuff like this before - and we all know how frustrating it can be. That’s when it’s time to just simply walk away from it for a while. Maybe later you’ll feel like trying again. :frowning: (((HUGS)))

hi guys
i did cast on the shawl last night and i will be knitting it today
and i put a lifeline in it
and my blanket for lynus will be finished soon
thanks for replies and encourgement

:woot: so glad to read that you CO again!! That’s great

Don’t beat yourself up! We’ve all had issues like this and eyelash yarn is not the easiest thing to knit by any means! :hug: