I am lost... well just frustrated, ok confused

I am knitting a baby blanket from the SnB (Big Bad Baby Blanket). I am at the end where you finish off with 20 rows of seed stitch. I am to start the first row of seed stitch with the wrong side. For the life of me I can’t remember what side is the wrong side? Can I use the cast on tail as a reminder. I feel so silly. I just want to finish this blanket! Any help would be appreciated.

Jodi :blush:

Seed stitch is the same on both sides. I sure wouldn’t worry too much if you get it wrong.

If you used the long-tail cast on, your tail will be on the left corner for the wrong side to face you, assuming that your first row was the right side.

I don’t know what this blanket looks like, but usually a pattern has a definite right and wrong side. If not, the seed stitch edge really doesn’t matter.

The right side of that pattern is the first row you knit, so your tail should be on the right hand edge when you’re looking at the right side. :wink:

I make a note where the tail is at the end of casting on - I usually use that to remind me which side is which :slight_smile: