I am in need of a bootie pattern

I am in need of a baby bootie pattern I looked on here and they don’t have baby ones…
I need something easy
Thank you Jenifer

I bet that you can find just what you need right here :wink:

here’s the one i always make! soooopah easy…and veddy cute! :thumbsup:

I’m making the Simple Mules from the booties/slippers section on the free patterns page (at the bottom) and it’s just Moss (seed) stitch and so far it’s really easy, and I’m new to knitting.

they’re really cute too :slight_smile:

The show “Knitty Gritty” did an episode on baby booties that I really liked, but I haven’t tried them yet…

I have been using this pattern (Simple Mules) and now the link is inactive. I am in the middle of the booties. Does anyone have the pattern printed, written out or saved?

What pattern?

I’ve made these and they are really cute.