I am in Love!❤

I just tried the Norwegian purl and I love it! I was never happy with the English method because I felt it was too slow, and I do not have the fingers for German purl, but this Norwegian is wonderful! It is doesn’t feel like there are lots of wasted movements, and it seems to give good tension for me! YAY! I wonder what else I will find that I am going to enjoy!

Good for you!! :thumbsup:

I can’t remember what Norwegian purl is like though-I do continental, and find it pretty easy, though I find my stitches loose (but I always have to go down 2-3 needle sizes no matter what!).

Its fun to learn new methods, though, right?

I love learning new things! I think that is really half the fun of it. I like to see if I can figure it out! Although I have to say the video really helps that part. At first I thought it looked too hard but once I gave it a go, it was easier than the rest. I always have to give my stitches a bit of a tug after I do them, other wise they are loose.

Hi! :waving:

After I read your post I had to go check out the Norwegian Purling video. I learned it awhile ago but decided that the continental purl was more efficient for me.

If you haven’t tried continental, you might find it to be one more thing to love about knitting! Here’s the best video I’ve found, the one that really helped me switch over from English. So glad I made the change.



Ruthie :yay:

I have tried continental too, bit I found that my small little fingers did not have the dexterity to hold the yarn with one finger and push it with another :frowning: I wanted to like it and be good at it, I really tried! I also like the idea of portuguese knitting… it might be next on my list to tackle…a different way to knit depending on my mood!