I am in loooooooooooooooove

At LYS they had a basket of Malabrigo…oh it is yummy and soft and lucious and oh oh oh I am in total lust over it!

I went to the handpaintedyarn.com site, but unfortunately they aren’t selling the merino, only the bulky merino…but I am mighty tempted to git me some, if it is half as scrumptious as the merino!!!

Has anyone worked with this yarn yet???

yes i bought two hanks of it in blue for some baby stuff. it is super soft and yummy. it is just so pretty knitted up!

I haven’t bought any yet but I dream about it at night.

The LYS where we had our last IL get-together carried a gazillion colors…far more than mine…sigh…it’s just so wonderful.

It is SOOOOOOOOO soft :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: ! I haven’t knit with it yet but I did buy some for a sweater.

oooh but look at that yummy color you are working with there!!

I bought some malabrigo at my LYS a couple of weeks ago. It really is gorgeous. But I haven’t started knitting it yet because it’s so beautiful that I want don’t want to knit it into just anything…it seems like it deserves to be something special, and I don’t know what!

I haven’t bought any yet - I’m too afraid to as I sure don’t need another yummy yarn addiction. Though SO many people in knitting blogs are RAVING about it!

Did that make up for them not having the Debbie Bliss you were hoping for? :lol:

Sure. :wink:

Okay, so I broke down and bought some Malabrigo today. I’m knitting some soakers for a friend…and she’s paying for the yarn, so why not? :mrgreen: Really, when you compare it to any othe wool, it’s the obvious choice for a baby item. Hands down. Sooo much softer.

leaves to go fondle her yarn some more

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i am just JELLY-JAM! I wanna touch some!!! I may have to break down and buy some just to have and hold for my very own.

OMG…Malabrigo + Addis = knitting nirvana… :inlove:

THIS is me thinking of Malabrigo + Addis…

Nah, you’re prettier than that–especially if you wipe the drool off your chin! :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: could use a little makeup too!

Seriously. I may never knit with anything else again. I’m clearing out my stash and replacing it with Malabrigo. It’s amazing. :inlove:

Hmmm… I’ve never seen this yarn before (not at my LYS) but i love the colorways. According to all the raving it’s soft, yes?

Is it the opinion of those who’ve knitted with it that it would it make a good yarn for knitting a Clapotis?

Also, i want to knit my lovely Mum a sweater - would it be good for that?


I think Malabrigo itself would be too thick for clapotis, but there is another yarn at handpaintedyarn.com that people have used.

Julie, have you just worked with the Merino? Or have you worked with the bulky merino too??

hh…the yarn would be PERFECT for a sweater. That is what I’m going to do with mine once I get everything else out of the way.

I’ve just knit with the worsted weight merino. It would be soooo perfect for a sweater. I made a diaper soaker with it, so I used smaller needles…but omg, with needles a little larger the drape would be even more fantastic. It’s so soft, I can’t stop touching it. :smiley:

Can I come over to your house, Julie to touch your Malabrigo???