I am humbled

I sat down last night to begin the Silver’s sock tutorial. :wall: :wall: :wall: I couldn’t even figure out how to join the first stitch and after 30 minutes of fumbling I ripped out the knots I’d managed to make and put it down. So determined was I to start the sock it didn’t occur to me to check out Amy’s DPN video which of course made it perfectly clear.

I’m going to try again tonight. I have OnLine Sock yarn but I think I may try something a bit bigger because the OnLine splits very easily (at least for me who feels like bull in a china shop on DPN’s). If I’m going to be ripping it out alot I need a sturdier yarn.

It was a humbling experience but I am determined to learn to make socks!

Keep at it Kathy, you’ll get it yet! Between Silver and Amy’s videos I learned how and if I can, then anyone can. Find a yarn you like working with for these socks. Nothing more frustrating than using yucky yarn while learning. You [color=red]WILL[/color] be able to learn this.

Did you have one of those fun blips in the internet where it does it posts twice on it’s own? :teehee:

Here’s your other thread.

Don’t feel bad, I wrestled those DPNs for hours before I finally got the hang of it. I probably frogged that first sock a dozen times. Once you’re done with the first row it’s smoother sailing…

You can do it, Kathy! The join and first 3-4 rows are the toughest part of the sock!
Lots of folks here have used Silver’s tutorial and can answer any questions you have…there are lots of experienced basic sock knitters here!

I hated socks until I disocvered the 2 circular needle technique. That’s all I use now for ANYTHING that normally requires DPNs… socks, sleeves, hats, mittens, etc. Check out Amy’s video on that, too—if anything, it’s a good technique to learn.