I am having trouble understanding a King Cole knitting pattern no 5648

The attached image shows where I’m having trouble. I’ve marked in pencil from X to X the paragraph in particular. It tells me to knit until there are 32 stitches on the right needle after cast off but I have 126 stitches on the needle and it doesn’t tell me what to do with the remaining stitches. It also doesn’t tell me how many rows to knit between buttonholes. Could anybody help me understand this pattern please.

Hi. Where it starts and ends with ‘*’, you will be repeating that section twice:
cast off 2, k until 32 sts on RIGHT needle – repeat this 2 more times. And it tells you that the 2st cast off is where the button hole is being made. Make sense?

Hi I’m new to this site and I’m back knitting after a long time. Not since my children were small and now I’m a pensioner and there’s s lot for me to learn. I’m glad you are there to help. And thank you for your reply to the above but I’m still confused. I understand how to do the buttonhole but not why I only knit 32 stitches after cast off when I have 94 left on the left needle. I’m knitting the large size. I also don’t understand how many rows to knit between buttonholes. I am so out of touch with todays patterns and would be so grateful for your help.

Welcome to the forum and welcome back to knitting!
Eventually you’ll get to all your sts on this row. All four buttonholes are on this row since the fronts are knit sideways. Each cast off of 2 sts will begin the buttonhole. On the next row you’ll cast on 2sts over the gap created by the cast off.

So knit 4sts, cast off 2sts, then knit until you have 32sts after the gap.
Then you’ll repeat the process, cast off 2sts, knit until you have 32sts after the second gap.
Repeat this again for the third buttonhole.
Then cast off 2sts for the fourth buttonhole and knit to the end.



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Thank you so much the penny dropped at last. I knit sideways not upwards. So happy. Thanks again…