I am going to finish

OK. I sorted out all my stash.

before I get ANY new yarn, (unless of course, someone else buys me some…)

I need to make or finish:

the chunky blue fisherman rib sweater
the pink knit/purl sweater
the cream cotton top
boring beige socks-second one now at the foot, and changing name to mocha/latte to make them more interesting. DONE!!!

light grey wool for sweater
dark grey wool  ''    ''
deep purple
sky blue
chunky yellow
coral acrylic
coral wool
white/turquoise cotton sweater
bronze cowl DONE. really, its a turtle neck collar, to use up one ball of merino. I wear it with a thin 'belt' around it. looks kinda cool. 
second pair of beige socks
raspberry scarf
teal gloves
moss green gloves
eyelash swing coat
navy socks first finished, just starting the second one today (jan 12)FINISHED Jan 29
taupe kid mohair
light blue with boats on the front. half done, been hiding for two years.  
found 4 balls of boucle acrylic in charcoal. since its the year of the camelid, (yes, really!) I'm knitting Alan Darts llama. will do knit your own zoo camels as well, with the kid mohair. 3, im thinking, one standing, two lying down, with blankets, tassels, and various accessories like you see in Christmas cards. maybe even wisemen to go along with them.  LLAMA done, camel #1 begun jan 26

and then there's all the little bits, some cotton for wash cloths, and odds and sods.

A knit sweater takes up less space than a bag of yarn. which in turn will give me more room for....


and I decided to SEW a short capey/poncho type thing. it's half done. super easy, and I get to use the toggles that have been kicking around for a while as front closures. had the fabric for nearly 5 years. 
i'm adding in a fleece backed lining.

cape almost done, llama need hind legs sewn on, and a tail. and eyes. but I have to shop for buttons for those.

oh look! I found a ball of white/green cotton! enough for a wash cloth, I guess. begun jan 27

I gave up on finishing everything before starting something new. Now I just have started a rule that I have to finish [U]something [/U]before starting a new project . We’ll see how that goes. LOL

Yeah, I had that ‘rule’ for a while, too. (insert rolling eye icon here…)

so what happens? yesterday I began the Alan Dart llama. three legs and a tail left to go.

the alan dart llama is not as advertised. I canNOT get the head to work out looking anything like the photo, no matter what I do.

must check for errata, but I’ve also changed the feet to look more like llama feet, and not horse hooves.

and will change the set of the eyes, and make them less cartoonish.

well, I’ve been working again, and been violently sick this week, so ahven’t been knitting much.

but llama is done, and is in his new home. I wasn’t entirely thrilled with him, and won’t do another.

finished my navy socks.

and that’s about it. started another cotton washcloth, just so I have something small and portable to knit on the bus.

I haven’t had a head cold for nearly 30 years, I’ld forgotten how debillitating they are. I’ve spent the last 4 days pretty much just sleeping!

now, to browse and get caught up!

Glad you’re feeling better and back here on the forum. Yes, those head colds, winter or summer, they’re so painful.

finished a rather boring small project last night, a wash cloth with 3 strands of weird cotton like string. at least its now useful, and not another random small ball taking up space.

this latest foster cat is taking up a fair bit of my time, and so is work. so not knitting as much as I would like.

another pair of socks nearly done. found some random vintage wool in the stash. thought I had two balls of the lighter wine colour, did one sock, and found that I had no matching colour. so the second sock has the ribbing in the light wine, then a darker wine, finished THAT colour, and the next ball is a different dye-lot. so, same wool, but many different dye-lots.

I’m getting tired of knitting socks.

will go back to sweaters. I have time this weekend, and can take something to the Cat Show, where I’m volunteering with the rescue’s booth.

little foster cat is finally coming out of hiding, more than two months since her arrival. She is polydactyl. :slight_smile:

got the socks done.
I’m bored with socks, now. still have many balls of yarn that could become socks. but not just yet. still have cotton to make wash-cloths with.
and found a ball of boucle that will become a wire-haired dachshound this week. from the knit your own dog assortment. Both books have the same recipe, one is smooth, one is wire-haired. same pattern, but different yarn. bit of a cheat, if you ask me.

Those little knit dogs are adorable. Love to see a photo. I find that I’m very bad at getting arms, legs and head in the proper place so it takes forever re-stitching.

Here’s one of the first I did. I find they’re a bit fiddly, but for me, it’s getting the stuffing right. most of my dogs have a slight tilt to the left, for some reason.
eta: this one stands 6" from top of head to bottom of paws. I used small jet beads for the eyes.

and one more, just for good measure. LOL

They are both adorable! They look perfect to me.
I love the look in the eye on the first one, slightly skeptical perhaps of the whole photo thing.

interesting how they develop an expression when you add eyes.

am about to stitch up the sleeves and attach them to the body of my bulky yellow sweater!
It’s VERY thick and warm, and the temps have soared to over 20C today.

So I doubt I’ll be wearing it any time soon.

pics tomorrow.

Mmm, bulky yellow. Sounds grand. I hope we get to see a photo or two.

the colour is washed out. it’s really banana yellow. far from grand, but useful.
and WARM.

Very pretty sweater. The cables on the sleeves are perfect. Beautiful design all around. Enjoy wearing it!