I am going to finish

all projects currently on needles before I start something new.

pink pullover in knit/pearl pattern.
blue sweater in fisherman knit with raglan sleeves. (chunky, so going fairly quickly.)
yellow cardigan in lacey rib, also chunky. haven’t looked at it for a couple of months. (maybe longer…)
cream cotton top in lacey pattern. I need to pay attention to this one, which is difficult as my fluffy cat likes to curl up with it while I’m working on it.

last half of second sock.

Purple pullover with lace/cables. (forgot about this one, out of sight out of mind…)

okay so that’s only six things…

pink sweater back close to being finished, halfway up the armhole shaping!
second sock halfway along the foot section.
blue sweater grown by about 2 inches.


Just starting back on these projects is great progress in itself. I’m looking forward to seeing photos!

starting is easy. usually its because I’m going somewhere, need knitting (just in case…) and don’t want anything more complicated than ribbing. So I start a number of things.
and then they sit. If I put them away, out of sight, out of mind.

then, I get all inspired and ambitious, and bring them all out, and lay them all over my kitchen and living room, where they make me all guilty-feeling.

I’m back at my full time temp job, so the sock is progressing nicely, during lunch and on the bus to and fro.

something I finished last week, sky blue face cloth, my camera washed out the colour:

Your knitting looks gorgeous. What a beautiful stitch pattern. Is there a link for the pattern? It’s an elegant face cloth.

Thankyou very much!

the pattern is called Ornamental Tulip, and its in the harmony guide to knitting stitches, vol 2.

It’s out of print, so I don’t know if I can post it here. If I can, I will!


found it! It’s called Trefoil on this site.

and now I have a new site to browse with coffee.

SOCKS! DONE! and of course, all the other efforts are too big to carry back and forth to work, on the bus.

so I’ll have to start…

gloves. but only when I’m not home.
in the meantime, pink sweater back almost completed.
blue fisherman knit back halfway there.

that’s what I’m focusing on. I’ve put everything else away where I can’t see it.

in fact, I’ll be lucky if I even FIND them again, in the vortex of my storage/craft room.

discovered ONE mistake in my bulky blue fisherman rib.
That is a MAJOR PITA to frog.

took out almost 2 inches. sigh.

We have a gorgeous sunrise today. :slight_smile:

Oh, groan. Good that you caught the mistake now.

I’ve begun the decreases for the raglan sleeves, another 3 inches, and the back will be done.

the pink one, another 2 inches, the back will be done.

I started gloves on the bus, (I needed something small to carry back and forth). the right glove is up to the thumb gusset. so far, glove is easier than socks! and I’m using some faux mohair in a warm vanilla cream colour that someone from knitting group was giving away.

I have completed the back of my pink sweater!!!

blue is chugging along.
about to begin fingers on #1 glove. (right hand.)
I feel like I’m accomplishing something. other than making a mess. :smiley:

two fingers left to go on gloves. I realized, that in fingering weight fluffy mohair, they LOOK huge. as in, if I add buttons, I will have made Mickey Mouse hands! I realized this at knitting group yesterday, in total silence while we watched a movie. we were at a poignant moment, and I BURST out laughing when it struck me.


I have to go button shopping. :slight_smile:

no I don’t. just googled his gloves. I can do the stitches with black yarn. which I have.

they’ll be done this weekend, and I will post photos.

I have some time off work. don’t go back til Jan 3 or 4th or something.


I really have no excuse, do I?

pink sweater.
blue sweater.

and the boring beige socks I started on the bus, because they’re small and portable.

I have nearly 3 weeks. Christmas is pretty much done, just have to bake cookies, and croissants. also some cherry/cheese danishes! and bread.

and a yule log.

I WILL finish the front of the blue sweater by Sunday.

Sounds like you have it all under control. I only wish I were as well organized!

It’s a rare thing.
gloves= DONE! without the mickey mouse stitching. I’m still debating that one.

the kettle has boiled, but I have a cat on my lap.

sigh. (happy sigh.)

back of blue sweater: DONE.
front begun.
chai shortbread cookie dough is resting, will bake in a couple of hours.

time for a tiny cocktail:
1/4 tsp maple syrup
1/2 ounce dark rum
milk to taste
add in some whipping cream.

stir vigourously, and dust with cocoa powder. sip while admiring tree, inhaling fresh pine scent.

I do enjoy the holiday season.

first sock: completed!!!

Mostly I limit myself to one project at a time… too confusing and messy for me to do more than one… but sometimes, if I’m on a big project like a shawl, I like to start a pair of socks so I have something to take to places where I do a lot of waiting… like dr offices and hospitals… so nice to have your hands busy… and, besides, people always think you’re so smart to be able to knit with dpn’s… hee hee!
I can see that you are wending your way thru your stash of UFO’s quite quickly… good for you! But, I’m betting you are probably going to start something new before you finish.
Such is the way of knitting… :slight_smile: Addictive as all get out… but also very interesting and you end up with something lovely at the end of each project.
How great is that! :slight_smile:
TEMA:knitting: :knitting: :knitting: