I am going crazy with the picture thing

Oh geez. Pleeeeeeease you web savvy fantastic know-it-all women… I have had my Sony Vaio for years now and I still cannot resize a picture! This is because when I send pix via email my Outlook Express automatically resizes them for me. So, I’ve tried posting a pic as Amy said to, clicking attachment but! my picture is 490 KB and I just can’t seem to reduce it. I tried paintbox editing where you type in the pixels but I’m not sure what pixels size it is.
I downloaded a free trial of Avatar capture but … same as above… how do you reduce it to 256 KBs???

And I have a CD burner but don’t know how to burn CDs which my 11 year old niece can do. Hopeless am I… but at least I CAN KNIT!

Would appreciate any help so I can show off the few things I’ve made so far! ciao, Vic [color=red][/color] :shock:


This is something that I can help you with…in a round about way. If you would like, I will post them for you. Just PM me if you’d like my email. I have Adobe Photoshop, so it will take 2 seconds for me to change the size.

If you want to be able to do this yourself, then we can try and figure that out too. First I do not understand why you would need your email involved in any part of this. If your pictures are digital, then you should be able to use the software that came with the digcam and transfer to your computer. If you’re scanning an actual photo, then your scanner would also have software to transfer it to your computer. You’ll have to give me a bit more info if you want to do this yourself.

Either way, let me know what you want and it will be done.

Ho-kay… I have no idea what version of paint you’re using, but I busted out mine from Win XP Home and my graphic editing software and did some poking around. I do some more or less self taught graphic design and try to solve problems by futzing with things till they make sense, heh… :slight_smile:

When I opened the Atributes window from the Image drop down at the top of the screen in Paint, it gave me the option to resize, using either inches, cm, or pixels. At the top of the window, it gave my test picture’s size in bytes - in my case 37,724 bytes. That is equivilent to 37.724 kilobytes (kb).

There are many ways to change the file size to a picture (you may find an “Optimize” option in some software) that include resizing, changing the resolution, or changing the file type (like from a jpeg to a gif or vise versa).

The easiest way to do what you’re trying would be to change the measurement from pixels to inches or cm and reduce it by those more familiar measurement types. Or you can try just punching numbers in for pixels and experiment :slight_smile:

If, like in my Paint software, your paint is showing you file size in bytes, then you need to get your bytes down to 256,000 bytes or less (equaling 256 kb). Just try reducing the picture’s printing size (by inches, cm, or pixels) and see what it does to the file size (in bytes or kb). Just be careful when you save your newly resized picture that you don’t save over your large picture! Alter the new saved name a little so you can tell them appart (I’ll often call something pic.jpeg and sm_pic.jpeg to keep them appart).

File type can make a huge difference in size, but that get’s really complicated to explain why - suffice to say the difference between, say, a jpeg and a gif file is how the file tells the computer to “make” and display the picture, and more importantly, the colors. If you have software where it’s easy to change file type, I’d try just switching the type from one to the other without resizing print size and see which one makes it smaller, then work from there… Usually you have to “Save as” a new file type or “Export” as a new file type.

Also, if you have a resolution option, that can make a big difference too. In Fireworks, my graphics software, the option is called “quality” of jpeg, gif, etc, and I have a slider and percentage window to toggle the resolution up or down. Of course, the lower the resolution, the smaller the file, and the more distorted the picture may apear.

If this was totally incomprehensible, I’m happy to try to explain it better either here or in private message… Otherwise, I hope this gives you some things to try!

A nifty little program that is very simple for images, is Irfanview. (Download for free here.) I use it as my default viewer for images, because it’s a small program that loads quickly. You can crop, resize, and rotate images in it. And you can save the image as a jpg, or whatever format you need. Not a fancy program, but it does the trick for most things, and is EASY to use.

Of course it would be a good idea to learn how to use Paint or any software you have, but this is a handy program in its own right.


The problem is trying to override outlook express.
I will look into it and try to come up with a simple solution and easy instructions. Hang on till this afternoon. If I can find the setting in Outlook that will allow you to do what you want easily without employing additional programs, that might work for you.

Windows XP user? If so, in My Pictures folder, right click on the image you want to send via e-mail. Don’t open it by doubleclicking first. Click on Send, then Mail Recipient, and then a pop-up window should open and ask you if you want the image re-sized for smaller (easier to see and transfer) e-mail file. Click yes and another window will auto open your Outlook Express and you can fill in the mail address, message, etc with your re-sized photo already attached. Good luck.

Oh goody! Maybe I’ll finally be able to post some of my fabulous creations! ha Thank you all so much for the help. I was traveling yesterday so not near a computer. Oneof these is going to solve my problem. I can’t wait. Then you have to ohh and ahh over my incredible pictures! THANK YOU! love, Vic

I could not find an option within Outlook Express to resize or compress a picture.
I believe going to the my pictures folder and following the method suggested in an earlier post is an excellent one.
Sorry I couldnt be more of a help