I am finally married!

I took a knitting class about 14 years ago and started a sweater. My then fiance said when I finished it, we could get married. Well, it languished in storage and then got attacked by mice…

So, I took up knitting again about 4 months ago and this is my first sweater I have ever FO. I made him Yarn Forward’s Bomber Jacket for his birthday (it was supposed to be done in a solid color - but I thought that was boring). I gave it to him for his birthday last week and I told him we could now get married.:wink:

We’ve actually been married now for about 12 and a half years. BTW, his other requirement to marry me was that we do a polka together (that one I did manage to complete in a timely fashion).

Great sweater :woot: …But the story was better :roflhard:

Looks great and i love the story . :slight_smile:

LOL!!! Love the sweater - nice job :slight_smile:

IrisKnitter will he wear the sweater to renew your vows?

:teehee: Funny story! Love the sweater though!!

Oh wow, I love that! Very nice work.

Now he needs to put on his beautiful new sweater and
the two of you need to polka together.:happydance:

Love the story! Nice job with the sweater too.

He’d probably tell me I’d have to knit a wedding dress prior to renewing the vows…

I’d request he do this, but he’s out snowblowing in his new sweater instead!

Nice sweater. It’s a good thing he didn’t hold you to what you had said previously. But I suppose if he had you would have finished sooner. :slight_smile:

Nice work…its lovely n neat…thnks for sharing ur story

That’s a really great story! Cool sweater. I like the stripes better than solid too :smiley:

Great story, thanks for the laugh! Like the sweater also, the color change makes it really interesting.

Great story - congratulations on the sweater and marraige :slight_smile:

Great story! Nice work on the sweater as well.

congrats on getting married :wink:

:happydance: Great story!! The sweater looks wonderful!

LOL - great story!! Sweater is nice too! :smiley: