I am determined to knit socks

Hi all , yes I am trying…again…I am doing this
http://www.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/patternFinder.fcgi?language=&store=%2Fstores%2Flionbrand&search=1&searchText=men’s+stripe+socks done with top, got thru shaping heel…then ripped out the “turn heel” part…confused on “con’t to work in this manner, having 1 more st before decs on ea r until 12sts remain” any help out there:hug:

Hi I can’t pull up the pattern right now for some reason…

What I’ll do is show you with the pattern that I am working on, and hopefully you can follow. First I’ll write out how the pattern appears in my book and then I’ll try to plain english the code :wink:

Heel flap worked over 39 sts.

Heel Turn:
Row 1(WS): Sl 1, P 20 sts, P2tog, P1 turn
Row 2: Sl 1, K4, ssk, K1, turn
Row 3: Sl 1, purl to within 1 st of gap, P2tog (1 st on eithe rside of gap), P1, turn.
Row4: Sl 1, knit to within 1 st of gap, ssk, K1, turn.

Repeat rows 3 & 4, inc 1 additional knit or purl st after the sl 1 until all side sts are worked, end with RS (knit row), 21 sts left on heel flap.


The first thing you’ll notice on row one is that I do not work across the entire row. I only knit in so far, purl 2 together, purl one more and then turn the work, leaving 15 stitches untouched. I’ll have 23 stitches on the needle that I just worked when I turn the needle to do row two. This is because I’ve purled two stitches together.

If you do the math: 15 + 23 + 1 = 39 or… 15 not touched, 23 on needle, and 1 decrease.

Then row two:

I’ll slip the last stitch I just knited, knit only 4 stitches, do a decrease called slip, slip, knit, and then knit one more. Then I turn the work to work the third row. I’ve only knit 7 stitches or 8 if you count the two I knit together.

Now look at the work before row three. You’ll see a gap at either end of the set of stitches that you are work. This happens because you are turning the work.

In row three, I’m told to slip one stitch and then purl to one stitch before the gap, which works out to purl 5 stitches. Then I purl 2tog, and purl one more, then turn the work to go to row 4.

In row 4, I slip the first stitch, knit 6 stitches, do my ssk decrease, and knit one more…

so if you were to write the pattern down it would look like this, note the bolded numbers because there is a pattern and you just substitute in your first number and you will be able to follow the pattern!

row 3: Sl 1, [B]P5[/B], P2 tog, P1, turn
row 4: Sl 1, [B]K6[/B], ssk, K1, turn
row 5: Sl 1, [B]P7[/B], P2 tog, P1, turn
row 6: Sl 1, [B]K8[/B], ssk, K1, turn
row 7: Sl 1, [B]P9[/B], P2 tog, P1, turn

and I would repeat this… eventually because you are decreasing the stitches on every row, you will have less stitches at the end than when you started. I will be going from 39 stitches to 21.

And that is why they told you that you will have 12 stitches left on your needle after you’ve done this.

And… :wink: to me, the heel turn is one of the most “magical” parts of sock knitting!

Hope that helps. I know I tend to over explain… but its hard when its just works!

Thank you for such a great explantion does the pat appear now?
http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/60050.html?noImages= I just re-read your explanation…when turning your work are you just using 1 needle and leaving the other one unworked???

I had to register.

Okay, so your pattern would go like this:

Next Row (RS) Sl 1, k 11, skp, k 1, turn.
Next Row Sl 1, [B]p 5[/B], p2tog, p 1, turn.
Next Row Sl 1, [B]k 6[/B], skp, k 1, turn.
Next Row Sl 1, [B]p 7[/B], p2tog, p 1, turn.

Next Row Sl 1, [B]k 8[/B], skp, k 1, turn.
Next Row Sl 1, [B]p 9[/B], p2tog, p1, turn. [and that adds up to 12 stitches ;)]

O.k. I guess I missed the part where it says: [B]having 1 more st before dec[/B]…:figureditout:

There are some issues with that pattern.

From what I recall it’s after the turn, in the gusset.
The pattern uses the same leaning decrease on both sides and the math doesn’t work.

Go ahead and pick up what they say but don’t “knit across 19” and place a marker. Knit across whatever number it takes to have the stitches divided evenly between both gusset needles.
Needle #1 is the beginning of your rounds.

Then instead of “Dec Rnd K 17, k2tog, k 20, k2tog, k 17. K1 rnd” and repeating that which sends you into a spiral.
Do this, “K to last 3 stitches on first needle, k2tog, k1, k20, k1, SSK, k to end of round. K1 rnd” and repeat that.

Wow…Kudos too you…even though I am (new to sock stuff) but ‘been around the block’ this pat does seem kinda weird to me as well …I am just checking in here, and I have been fudging this pat since the last time I checked in… I’ll let you know how it’s going…Thank you:muah:

I suggest checking out this sock tutorial


It has fab instructions and pictures! Good luck!

I’ve had that “bookmarked” for a long time…and use that site for referrence…Thanks


Hi, I am finishing up the foot part (stockinette st) and noticed that the “top” of the foot is crooked:biting: looks kinda twisted…I did do this part starting after the gusset on 4 needles…should I have just been using 3? also, I was to M1 to the instep, but didn’t have a needle holding the instep sts, so I fluffed it, and have a big hole there…(the other side M1 is o.k. cause the sts where on a needle) I am going to:frog: back and wait for your reply…:hug:

3 or 4 doesn’t matter. If you use 3 you put the 20 (top of foot) all on one if you use 4 you split the 20.

I don’t remember what I did with that pattern and the M1, but I did get a hole. I sewed it shut with a piece of yarn afterwards because I didn’t notice it until I was done.
I recall somewhere about twisting the M1 to tighten it.
On the last pair I made I picked up an extra stitch a row beyond the start of the flap row and it seems to have worked pretty good.

If the twisting was minor knitting in the round does that because you’re knitting a big spiral.

Thanks…Why (was) the top of the foot looking twisted? Got any ideas? I frogged back to the down the cuff part (only have to do a few more inches) then I’ll get to the shape heel, then turn heel, then the (god awful) gusset…:zombie: now the “heat is on”…:!!!: Crossed Fingers

Was the twisting minor or major? Was it just the vertical rows being slightly twisted or the decreases being out of line?

If it’s minor it’s because you’re knitting in a spiral and it stretches and relaxes somewhat in a spiral.
If it’s really twisted and the decreases aren’t in line there’s a stitch count issue. You don’t have them arranged between gaps evenly, you had an accidental YO, the math of the pattern is wrong or something along those lines.

Minor or Major? as far as what? Minor looking twisted or major? The twisting is/was on the top of the foot vertically…NOT ANYMORE, CAUSE I RIPPED IT OUT…I JUST DON’T WANT TO MAKE THE SAME BOO BOO AGAIN:hug: