I am completely in love

with my new Kitchen-Aid stand mixer!!! :inlove:

Yes, of course I love DH who bought it for me too, no worries there.

But seriously, this thing is amazing. I LOVE to cook and bake as well but I dread worrying about whether I’ve mixed something well enough with my regular mixer or by hand…and I just used the mixer for the first time and what a breeze!

I absolutely adore it and just had to share that… :teehee:

You knit and cook and bake? Awsome. I do too, I think I should have been born in the 20’s sometimes so I could have been 30 in the 50’s.

Yep, I’ve loved cooking for a long time and just started knitting recently. Haven’t figured out how to combine the two although when I cook stuff that has to be in the overn for a while, I can sit down and get a few rows knit up!

I agree about being a throwback to another generation…I enjoy the simple basic stuff…but I guess that would mean I wouldn’t have this mixer if I was from back then…so I’ll stick with the modern me! :rofl:

Oh so true, and a laptop to talk to other knitters too!

LOL baking and knitting, if I time something for 20 min, I know I can do a couple of rows before it’s done!

OOO OOO OOO knit, which one did ya get???:woot: Girlfriend them KA’s are wonderful for makin BC n MMF Not to mention the cake mixes and using the attachments (the pasta roller for gumpaste is great) and grinder for carrots for carrot cake. I could go on n on n on. OMG
They are the best for making IMBC. One thing though, I would highly recommend getting a second bowl. Some times you want to do your meringue in one bowl and your butter n sugar in another one.
I am SOOOO happy fer ya!!!:woot: :happydance: :thumbsup: :balloons:

I won’t lie. I am SOOOO Jealous. I just imagine the time saving I could have, setting something to mix while I set up the other part. My 5 dollar hand mixer I have had since 2002 does a great job tho. Totally lived past what I expected.

Me too! I’ve always had a very old fashioned mentality. I just love those “domestic” hobbies.

congrats on the Kitchen Aide. I asked for (and got) a yellow one (favorite color) for my 22nd birthday. I too recommend the multiple bowls and a couple of covers to throw dough in the fridge to chill. The pasta attachment … meat grinder…
If I didn’t have a cold and a puppy sleeping in my lap I’d go bake…Have fun !!!

I love mine too! I got mine for Christmas year before last and it is my favorite smaller appliance. Mine is the cobalt blue color as my kitchen is blue. This baby does everything. I would like to get the ice cream, pasta and grinding accessories, but until then I happily mix, stir and knead with it. It makes the yummiest mashed potatoes!

Congrats and you are going to love this long term. It will last a long long time.

I love mine, too. Try the “English Muffin Bread” recipe in the booklet. It is wonderful.

Have fun baking

My mom gave me one about 6 months ago. It’s still in the box. I really have no idea what to do with it. :teehee:

Thanks for all the great replies…it’s a Professional 600 stand mixer in steel color just like our other ‘appliances.’

I’m already dreaming about the pasta making attachment since my specialty is Italian cooking…but one thing at a time. DH says he now has lots of ideas for future gifts from the attachment catalog! :smiley:

I also recently bought an electric cookie press…DSD wants to try it out tomorrow for some spritz cookies - hope it works as well!

Congratulations on your new toy!

I got my first Kitchen Aid when my son was 1 1/2 y.o. It died of hard work and neglect when he was 26. Looked all around for an older one, because of what I’ve read about the newer ones, and found a great deal on E-bay. My original spent two years in a restaurant and three years catering with me, on top of all the bread making, etc., I did for my family and friends.

If you have one, but don’t have any idea what to do with it, get the little booklet out, it’ll give you lots of ideas and inspiration.

Ooohhh, Contratulations!!! My first memories are of being in the kitchen with my grandmother, and she had one. I always loved that mixer. Sadly, she died when I was only a couple of years old, but I always remembered that mixer. I don’t know what ever happened to it, I would have loved to have it. Anyhow, I got my own a few years ago, in purple (my favorite color!) and love it. I even named it… Claire. I love my KA mixer!!

i had one years ago , and i loved it, ive been hinting for 4 years to the hub i wanted another, he hasnt taken the hint… i think it might be time to go get one though , the mart of wal had them a big display… hmmmmm…

I’m glad to see I am not the only who who is so enamored of it that I plan to name my mixer! :rofl:

I have lots of fond memories of cooking with grandmothers and my mom…my Nanas never had mixers at all that I recall - everything was done by hand. I WISH my great-grandmother had been alive to see cook when I was little because she was from the old country (Italy) and literally everything was made from scratch with simple ingredients - I would have loved to see her bake pies and make pasta.

My Mom had a hand mixer that she and Dad got as a wedding present - and in recent years, it has started smoking when you use it…so only after much agonizing did Mom agree to give it up and get a new one - but with the caveat that it is now on display on a kitchen shelf with other ‘antique’ small appliances! :teehee:

I have an old Oster from my hubbys grandmother. It works great but I dream of a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. I dont even care what colour.

Mail it to me and I will quality control test it and make sure it all works for you, and then eventually I MIGHT remember to return it to you!


Ha ha ha ha ha…nice one The.Knitter!

I have wanted a stand mixer for so long it is ridiculous. I got a food processor last year and I like it, but I often forget to use it and by the time I remember, I’ve cut up what I need! :doh:

I have wanted one of those for at least 10 years!! I’m so jealous!:woohoo:

Congrats! I love mine too!:heart: It’s bright red and I keep it on the counter. It’s so pretty just sitting there. You will have so much fun with the power that it has. Nothing bogs down.

I’m with you on the generation thing. I think I was born in the wrong era.