I am completely addicted

to making my own stitch markers!

Two weeks ago I didn’t even know how to use the darn things…yes I know it’s sad…but NOW I begun collecting beads and loops and pins and bought these groovy little pliers for $5 at Michael’s that do everything!

I even raided my daughters little plastic bead container left over from a birthday craft and made cute colorful markers…:stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone else have this issue???

LOL! That’s funny! (Not in a bad way.) I’m fine with just regular sm’s, but some people really get excited.

That sounds like fun! Post some pics! :cheering::cheering::cheering:

I have an entire collection of stitch markers I have made and others which have been made for me. Last year I participated in a ton of craft swaps and got a lot of really neat stitch markers. My favorite is the one with the owl charm on it.

I made some for my swap partner in the last swap but none for me. I haven’t given myself permission for the lovlies as I really just want more yarn!

I’ve made a few stitch markers also. Mine are not nearly as nice as Stirsmommy’s though. I know this for sure because it was ME she sent them to! And since I was so impressed with them (and so was everyone else I showed) I’m going to brag on her a little. Check these out! She MADE them! So cute. :heart:

Those are so cute!!! :woot::woot::woot:

They REALLY are! I will post pics of mine tomorrow, they aren’t THAT cute though:-) I have been reading about making my own beads lately too:-) FUN!