I am back

i am back hurrah
and i am glad
accidently wiped my computer clean
and couldnt remember my password and couldnt log on even with help from your admin.
wiped the computer clean by genius told me to get it started
again just click restore
never never do that
so i am happy to be hear again

My hard drive told me it would fail. You can imagine my panic as I did not have it backed up. I bought an external hard drive and then took care of the main hard drive. Didn’t have it for about 3 weeks. Sure missed it. At least it told me it was getting ready to fail-didn’t lose all of my information.:happydance:

Glad you are back with us:)

thanks for the reply
my trouble started with rogers
if you are canadian this is our big internet and phone company
i wanted their security and was told by the genius to restore
my computer and then i could get the security
but i am back and enjoying

congratulations to EYECON and SOMU.i really like your works.hope to see u in the next challenge …
:knitting: :knitting: :knitting: