I am back

my computer crashed and of course iforgot my password
after driving the sweetheart that helped me i dont know her know crazy
missed you all

Welcome back Sylvia:hug:

thank you

welcome back :slight_smile:

thank you for the welcome
i noticed your charity for hats
my friend told me that her daughter was delivering stuff
to her local salvation army store
a man came in and asked for a hat
he looked like he needed help and he was cold
and they refused
now i find this unbelivable i wasnt there
but i have for a long time stopped giving to the salvation
church because they seem unimpressed by the stuff
they are getting
this year i made over 100 hats and scarves knit by machine
gave them to a local church and they gave them to a hostel
got a nice thank you note
i dont need anyone to fall to their knees thanking me
they dont seem impressed with anything
i know that i am punishing the wrong people
i just dont feel good about donating to them

:hug: Welcome back!

Good to see you back!

Hi Sylvia ,
I understand how you feel . There are so many charities and needy projects out there that we can all choose which ones we would like to help .
I am sad that if this poor man asked for help and he was refused , then i too would be upset .
I am glad that this bad incident did not hinder you from helping others .
I donate to different places and hospitals . Even to the USA.

Welcome back again and maybe we will see some of your charity hats in the Hat Thread :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply
i will never stop knitting for charities
just will find more places to send them

Welcome back!

Hi Slyvia. Nice to meet you. I’m new to this forum and knitting. Well, see you around. :slight_smile: