I am about to do a BAD thing

instead of spending my Money on bills, food or yarn
I am about to buy a Puppy for my 2 daughters (ages 9 and 12)
a baby Jack Russell Terrier
found a Breeder, but I do not think its a puppy farm
we shall see
no matter what she will be fixed within 2 months
my Brother got one, and the kids have been GA - GA
and with all we have been through with my eldest daughter
they deserve something to love them unconditionally besides me


:woohoo:My favorite breed. Here’s mine.

How old are your 2 daughters? I ask because JRTs typically don’t do well with children. Also… the JRT website.

whst feisty pups… I love the pic where one is looking up over the edge of a table !! My are pictured under my message… at their bday party… they are not pocket pups :eyes:

WOW! Do the kids know???

You won’t regret choosing the puppy over bills and, dare I say, yarn?!

Send a picture when the new “baby” arrives. :hug:

the kids will not know until they see the pups
I am not very good at keeping secrets
but I M trying
already lied by omition once to my kid (I hate lying)
but the breeder was willing to adjust his whole day tomorrow, I told him to take care of his farm animals (New horse), and i would see him monday instead. He sounded WAY greatful to hear that.


I am so totally psyched for you. I remember being so anxious while I counted down the days until I got Molly about a month ago.

You are in for so much fun! Grab a camera and capture the look on your kids’ faces! Priceless…

Shih Tzu are really great they do not shed because they have hair not fur.
You can see my pooch in my signature!

And getting a puppy is bad how?

I second the previous post.

Getting an animal is NEVER a bad thing to do. (of course I am quite biased when it comes to dogs. Well, any animal really) They need a home too. It’s a wonderful learning experience every child should have…

Congrats!! :cheering: :cheering:

If it makes you feel any better, I just did the same thing 4 weeks ago. I adopted a lab retriever. He is 10 weeks old now and keeps me quite busy. I can’t really afford it but I’m hopeful that I will get a job soon to pay the bills. Vets can be pretty expensive. It’s really bad. I’m just charging everything for now.

The funny thing is that I have all these health issues that I should take care of but I don’t because I don’t have the money. However, I just went ahead and got a dog…people think I’m insane but my son deserves a dog. He’s been begging for one for the longest time. Pets are so wonderful to have…They bring so much happiness…I just love them!!! Money for bills and yarn will come eventually.

Your kids will have a blast!!!


Not sure what happened, I wrote a great big reply last night, but its not here :???:
I have some extra money this month, because I worked all summer at the camp. not as much as I thought I would have, but anyway, here goes Again!

I have found a Dog training center, and Doggie Club, within 2 miles of my house. I am going to reserve a spot in their next class that starts first week in October, and start with some private lessons in a week or two
she has already sent me a Few good tutorials on successful crate and house training.
I also plan to sack train her in the car, so she can be secure in the car (she fits in a Canvas tote, than fits over the headrest in the car, when in the car she sits or sleeps in the bag
that way if we ARE in an accident, she will be secured a bit more than if she were running loose in the car. i am getting a wireless fence for the house and yard, we own an acre of land, but the wireless fence is only a half acre, hope it works on such a small dog, we might have to wait for her to grow into the collar, and I got the one with the Very low settings.
I have gotten 2 kongs, and 2 books about the specific breed, etc

I M really looking forward to getting her


Kids know now
12 yo Figured it out as soon as she saw the dogs on the farm
9yo took a bit longer

Here are pix
the one with the kid is my youngest child (nine years old)


What a cutie pie…okay…both of them!

Name?? (puppy, of course)

She is Born on June 20th, so, Of course, her name is Litha
I will know how heavy she is, and her overall good health after her well kid checkup tomorrow
I also get her Non Purina Food tomorrow too
and I might get her some wet to give her once a day
we shall see how it all goes
I wish she would sleep in the evening/night, but someday
I am sure she will sleep well someday



From a fellow JRT mom here. Please do not rely on a wireless fence to keep your JRT contained. If your pup grows up to be an average JRT, the fence very likely will not work. JRTs are incredibly smart, and typically have huge prey drives. Unless your girl grows into an ‘exception to the rule’ it will only take one time blowing through that shock on the trail of some prey animal to realize that, “Hey, once I get past that annoying beep and shock, I’m FREE!!!”

Of course, there are JRTs out there with lower drives, but the shock will not stop most. My boy impaled himself on a branch, and has injured himself in other ways whilst hunting. They are bred to have ‘game’ attitudes, and that means that if they are hyped up on something (prey etc.) pain will actually spur them higher, and kick that determination up a notch.

Other than that warning, it sounds like you are getting all set! And maybe the warning is unnecessary. Perhaps mom and dad are more laid-back JRTs (I have heard rumors that those exist :teehee: ) and then you won’t have to worry about it.

Jack Daniels says welcome to the crazy world of JRTs!


One quick way to know if a breeder is ethical is: DO they guarantee the dog FOR LIFE?

Another way is written on paper health clearances for the sire and dam…and their sires and dams.

Usually attending dog shows and speaking with folks who can point you in the right direction is a good way to find a code of ethics breeder.

Anyway, I ADORE JRT’s! They are smart and they are a handful! A lotta dog, just love them.

An electric fence is a bad idea. Build a real one JRT’s have unbelievable drive.

The more I look into specific breeds the more I think electric fences are just a bad idea.

My partner and I are sighthound people, and when we were looking for our Whippet a few years back, everyone everywhere warned against electric fences because of their high prey drives combined with their speed.

This past January, we also rescued a Chocolate Lab puppy (without much forethought I might add but those sweet, sad eyes looked at us like his heart would break if we didn’t take him home, and we were sold) and discovered breed aficionados warning against electric fences because of their prey drive combined with their pain tolerance!

So I started looking into other breeds and electric fences specifically, and what I’ve found is that there’s a good reason not to rely on them for just about every breed out there. So my theory has become such that if a dog is going to be a part of the family and there’s a risk that an electric fence won’t keep them safe (besides which they can’t keep other predators and trouble maker’s out) then why risk it?

But anyway… how’s she settling in?

I have a Rat Terrier – very similar in looks to a Jack Russell but the ears in 95% stand straight up – mine is all black with just a little bit of white (not your usual Rat Terrier coloring.) Ratties are supposed to be a bit more laid back than Jack Russells but not by a bunch.

I had already installed the electric fence in the yard for my Springer so I thought we’d give him a try with it as well. My Springer is so laid back that I could have the fence on “beep only” and she’d never venture outside it. My Rattie is on the huge side for his breed (breeder told me 15 lbs tops and he weighs 25 lbs at 1.5 yo – apparently his grandpa was a big boy too.)

I got my “little” guy the same voltage color as my Springer (she’s only about 10 lbs bigger than he is --small for her breed.)

No biggie for my little Rattie – I could see him shudder as he broke through the fence line but over he went.

Now he has a collar that would stop a Rottie. It’s almost as big as his head. But it works.

There are some fences that allow you to adjust the voltage and if you can find one of those, I’d say try that. Mine doesn’t allow that so my only choice was to up the voltage on the collar.

I thought about a regular fence but Ratties are great diggers and great jumpers and it would have to be one high fence buried deep in the ground to keep my guy around. Plus dh was dead set against fencing in his beautiful yard.

I know there are breeds that defy most electric fences but I think within reason and decent training you can find a solution.

(just so you know, the collar in that pic is the small one.)

Here he is with his big collar:


I’m sorry, but I can’t believe people use electric shock to keep their animals contained to their yard. That is beyond inhumane.

In no way is it okay to hurt your animal just so you don’t have to buy a real fence.

I’m sorry, but I’m am the worlds biggest animal lover and I think if you are even [I]thinking [/I]about getting that kind of fence YOU should wear that collar for a month and see how you like getting that kind of shock to your body. It would take one time and you’d never wear it again. Animals don’t have that luxury.

Plus, most dogs, once they break through the “fence” they don’t want to come back in due to the shock they get.

It’s just plain cruel. Animals weren’t meant to be electrocuted. I must stop or I’ll never end this post.