I am a tight knitter

Are there any tricks to help loosen up my knitting?:think: :doh:

Change how you hold your yarn, thread it through your fingers so it slides easily. Don’t give the yarn an extra tug after you make the stitch, it will snug up a bit when you go to the next one. Try either or both of these and see if it helps.

Relax. Another thing is if you are a pretty new knitter, you may just loosen up once you begin to feel comfortable with the whole process without consciously doing anything different. I’ve seen that happen many times.

That’s true, after you’re more comfortable with everything, you may loosen up. Another thing common in new knitters is to grip the needles tightly, which would also extend into holding the yarn tight since they’re already tensed up. Don’t feel you have to knit `perfectly’, there ain’t no such thing.

It’s so true to just let the stitch slide off the needle without giving an extra tug. Suzeeq is right, they will snug up. I learned that once I got more projects under my belt. I used to watch Amy’s videos and think “wow, she knits really loose”, but once I learned to just let the yarn flow my knitting became the same way and looks just fine when I’m done. Nice even stitches and no big gaps. It will come to you, just keep at it.

I used to knit really tight as well, but I’ve gotten better :wink: The thing that really worked for me is what has already been suggested here - I stopped giving the yarn an extra tug after a stitch. I was so used to doing it unconsciously it felt weird NOT to tug the yarn, now I can’t imagine the time when it felt right to tug the yarn. It comes with practice :slight_smile: Just think of it as an excuse to keep on knitting!

You can also try casting on looser as well. You can do this by using a larger needle to cast on or by casting onto two needles held together in order to have a looser cast. For some reason that tends to make the whole thing a little more relaxed from the start…

Your profile says that you homeschool your three kids. I homeschooled one, and found that I had to crochet away from him or [U]I[/U] tightened up. We loved it though, he went most of the way through school at home.

That’s true. Sometimes I’m going along and find myself knitting tighter than usual and it’s because the sts I’m knitting into were knit tighter too. Your tension will vary at times too, depends on how tense or relaxed you are when you pick up your project, or if you `warm up’ on something else first.

That could be it.:mrgreen: I started knitting to help me to destress, my oldest 13 has Asperger’s and I needed something to do in waiting rooms while he has OT, and other therapy. We are in our 8th year of homeschooling.

Thanks everyone I think I will try a combination of these things.

This is exactly why I came to this site! Thanks to all for your advice!:muah: I feel better already! First I’m going to try casting on to 2 needles. We’ll see how it goes! :slight_smile: