I am a beginner knitter


I am a true beginner knitter, trying so hard to learn. I am able to cast on. When I do the knit stitch, the last stitch I knit is always way too loose and always causes me to have to start over. Any feedback/suggestions would sure be appreciated. I have no idea what I am doing wrong!!!

I am trying to learn on my own and through “You Tube” videos.

Thank you for your time.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE]


You can also try watching the videos here. They’re really good; I attribute much of my knitting skill to watching them.

Since you’re as new as you are to knitting, my advice would be to ignore the looseness of that last stitch and just carry on. It’s most likely a simple matter of tension, which improves with practice. Keep going and see if things even out (they often do as your piece gets longer.

There’s also a trick in this video that may specifically help you.

When I run into that problem, what I do is this: I turn my work and knit or purl the first stitch. Then when I insert my needle into the next stitch, before working it, I give the working yarn a little tug. That will usually tighten the edge up nicely. (Don’t tug too hard though, or it will get too tight!)

Hope that helps!

That’s pretty normal and you’ll find as you do more rows, it doesn’t look as loose as it does on that first row.