I am a beginner and need help

Whenever i try to kniit i have trouble because the yarn is too tight around the needle. So on my cast on i make it as loose as possible but and that helps but when i put my stitch on the other needle it won’t fit. I am a beginner in knitting so i don’t know if i am knitting wrong or if my needles or to big or what.

a tip I found on this site under the video section:

try eliminating any wraps around your pinkie. Instead weave the yarn in and out of a few fingers, which will give control with less resistance.

I think it is a common trait for beginner knitters. Keep knitting, try various ways of holding the yarn, relax your hands, don’t worry about dropping stitches, don’t worry about even-ness when you first start out. And, try to use an acrylic or wool rather than a cotton. Cotton is a tricky yarn to work with, especially for a beginner, IMHO.

Watch the videos, paying notice to how the yarn is held, finger positions, etc.

Don’t give up. Knitting is a wonderful hobbie, great for relaxing.

You can try casting on even looser or cast on over two needles. When you wrap the yarn and pull it through the loop make sure you do so kind of loosely. Don’t pull it too tight. Tension really just takes practice so keep at it. :thumbsup:

BTW…what yarn and needles are you using and what size? Some yarns are harder to knit with than others.

Also, what method are you using to cast on? I have seen two different ways of doing it. One is just with using one needle and then casting on with the slip knots and the other uses both needles. I have a great book that teaches simple methods…if you can get it…its called, Start to Knit by Alison Duernex. If you dont find it somewhere, I can probably scan some pages and send them your way or post them here.

I personally prefer casting on with both needles…i tried both. It does seem a bit harder to do, but the cast one edge looks better in the end (to me). I am a beginner too.