I am 11 and i love knitting

HELLO i am myah and i am new i have knitted many scarves, 2 quilts, 6 baby jackets and i can’t even count how many pairs of baby booties I have made. I also love sewing as i have my own sewing machine. i am currently knitting a scarf.

ask me any questions you want :wink: yes, I am 11, but that doesnt stop me doing what i truly love.


welcome to the boards, Myah! I’m so glad you are doing what you love. Many of us here also learned to knit or sew when we were younger. And we still enjoy it now. So keep up with your new skills. You never know where they will take you. And above all else, enjoy it!!

Good for you,something tells me we might be seeing you on the runway in a few years

Hi, Myah! I wish I had learned to knit at your age! I only started in earnest a few months ago and I haven’t figured out socks or booties yet, so good for you!

Hi Myah and welcome! There’ll be lots of questions here, so feel free to join in the discussion. Glad to have you join us.

Well, I am a teenager who first joined this forum at age 10, 2 accounts later and now I am much older (still a broke teenager…) Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting!