I always "goof up" this crochet tech

Hi all, doing a little “crochet” in between knitting…I know this has been asked…and I can’t find the post…but here goes:
When a pat wants you to "join in any (let’s say) 3ch sp…How do you join? Especially if it’s a new color/new join…Do you slip stich in the join or actually join in one of the sts? Usually in a chain space you have a hole there…no matter what I do, mine always looks funky:flirt: Thanks all

In crochet, joining is usually a slip stitch. You can do it in one of the chains or in the ‘space’.

How do you do “it” in the space?..

Poke the hook into the space, catch the yarn and bring it through the st on your hook.

The way I’ve always thought of “in the space” is that my stitch will wrap around the entire chain stitch as opposed to trying to work it in the chain stitch.

hope that helps