I Almost Died!

Sometime last year my thyroid medicine prescription ran out, prescription was canceled due to DR leaving the VA. Also did not have the funds to purchase medicine.
On May 8 I woke up at 4 AM, could not go back to sleep so I got up and got ready to go out on my crossing guard duty. I was too early so I sat down at the table to wait and I fell asleep. I woke up as they paramedics were putting me into the ambulance to take me to the hospital. I spent almost 3 weeks in Lakeland Regional Medical Center where they tried to get my blood work levels back into normal rangea as far as thyroid function. Then when I thought I was going to go home, they transferred me to the Tampa VA hospital and I spent a week there. So I came home on May 27. While I was in hospital, my plants did not get watered and I lost most of my daylilies. I still have a few that were more hardy than others but even so I lost quite a few.

I’m so glad that you’re out of the hospital and back home. That [I]was[/I] a close call and I’m sure a frightening experience.
It’s a shame about the daylilies but they are so good at spreading that I’m sure the hardy ones will propagate for you.
Hope you’re feeling better.

:oo: :oo: holy cow!

that’s terrible. SO glad to hear you’re still among the living.

One of the guys I work with was looking a little shakey last week, too some time off and was back last night.

His thyroid meds are needing some adjustment, and he had to leave early.

Its a serious thing. I had no idea it was as serious as that, though.

glad you’re ok.

Wow! Thyroid is nothing to mess with–that’s how Mom died.

I’m sorry about your daylilies. With any luck, they’ve just died back to the bulb and will be back next spring.

Glad you’re okay!:hug:

I’m glad you’re OK. Losing lilies isn’t nice but you’re here and that’s more important.