I actually knit in public today for the first time!

I had an appointment this afternoon and got there early. So I took out my knitting that I am working on. I’m knitting a pair of socks for my dh. So I sat there and knit but I have to admit I was VERY selfconscience!!! :XX: :XX:

Has anyone else felt that way when knitting in public?? :rollseyes:

I knit wherever I go and I never feel self-conscious. I figure that I’m not bothering anyone, it gives them something to watch (and they do), and I have something to occupy me. I even knit in the dentist chair between procedures. He knows enough to return my bag if he has to leave the room for anything. :wink:

I knit and crochet in public alot. I get comments. I love when I’m getting knitting needles at Walmart and people approach me and ask what I’m getting. It’s really nice to find others who knit.

Not including work, where I’m constantly knitting, I’ve knit in public a few times (mostly while my bf and I go to Borders to have coffee).
This past weekend I was knitting in the food court at the mall while waiting for him to finish eating.

…No one’s ever said anything to me yet though. :crying:
I keep hoping and waiting to find another knitter.

Maybe my shaved head/extremely short hair is freaking them out. :lol:

I have only done it a couple times so far and I tend to be self conscious. I’m sure it’ll get better as I do it though. I’ve got several doctors appts in the next few months and plan on knitting in the waiting room if I’m doing something small.

I used to think I knit everywhere, but Ingrid has put me to shame. I have not yet knit in the dentist chair.

I have knit at stoplights.

I haven’t knit a stoplights, but I have knit at road construction delays. :wink:

:thumbsup: STOPLIGHT KNITTER! right here…love knitting at the stop lights! makes my morning commute much more tolerable. I only do this though if i am working on something small. For example, i am not dragging out the afghan that i am currently working on to knit at the stop light…there’s just not enough time for that! :wink:

i was sitting at my car dealership having the oil changed on saturday and the old couple sitting next to me were just starin’ away watching me knit. and they weren’t even trying to be subtle…lol.

:cheering: yeah for the KIP!! :cheering:

I knit at stoplights too! And last week I brought my knitting to the doctor’s office…amazing how nice it is to have something to do while you wait, whether in traffic or the dr’s – I’m a lot less cranky that way! And my doctor was really impressed and asking lots of questions about the sock I was knitting. :thumbsup:

Nope - I feel perfectly fine knitting in public. But I have to make sure that it’s an easy pattern, because ppl are bound to ask questions :wink: I can’t talk and knit an involved pattern at the same time… :oops:

I knit at a stop light the other day. I got a lot of stares!

I am a knitter and I am not ashamed to knit in public! So there.

I KIP all the time. I met another knitter yesterday while at the mall because I had my knitting out while the kids played in the PlayZone. She asked me if I made DD’s sweater, too, and the conversation just took off from there. Ended up inviting her and her husband and DS to dinner with us, and we exchanged numbers at the end of the evening. Pretty cool! :thumbsup:

Well, I kip - only about a row or two - in Prague last week and I learnt today that my boss was asked if I was pregnant!!!

hmmmm :roflhard:

I bring my knitting with me everywhere, though I don’t typically go anywhere where I would end up knitting in public. I -have- threatened my DH that next time I go meet him at the dealership and I’m made to wait a while to go to lunch with him that I’m going to pull out my knitting, though.

Ladies! Stoplight knitting sound dangerous. Definitely could make you liable under a distracted driver ordinance. However, I don’t think people “stare” at knitters because they think they are weird. Personally, sitting in a dr’s office or some place watching a knitter/crocheter can be hypnotic. The rhythm of the activity, the progression of the project. Kind of like white noise. It’s probably as relaxing for the watcher and the knitter. I wouldn’t be self-conscious; it’s therapeutic for everyone around you.

Gladys in Michigan where it’s going to get warmer eventually.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to KIP in a while, due to the 15 month-old who usually accompanies me. I used to KIP all the time while waiting at dd’s dance school–I can’t wait until I can do that again! What was funny to me was that other people identified me as “the lady who knits.”

I actually look forward to getting to appointments a little early so I have a chance to knit. I certainly don’y mind if things are running “a little behind” anymore now that I bring my knitting everywhere. The strangest place I have ever knit was at a Relient K concert with my teenager! I actually met another knitter while we sat in the back. I loved it. I’ve also knit while waiting in a long line at Costco. I definitely got some looks! I love to keep my hands busy.

I did see a lady knitting a pink sock a few months ago before I learned how to knit them myself. I remember just watching her knit and thinking how lucky she was that she could knit like that. I never thought a “bad” thing about it.

But now that I was the one knitting the sock yesterday I just felt selfconscience since I saw a lady watching me and I guess I really do not want to attract attention. But I’m sure the more I kIP I’ll get use to it. I’d be perfectly comfortable TALKING :XX: :XX: about knitting but the “doing” it was the hard part!! lol

It must be nice to be called the Lady who knits. It’s better than a lot of things I’ve been called.

I was knitting at a childs birthday party the weekend before last & almost everyone told me they used to knit/know how to knit & asked what I was knitting. I ended up making loads of mistakes trying to follow the pattern. I have given up with the patter & take an educated guess now which tends to work out better.

my first public knitting was at the laundromat and the kids running around with my kids were more interested in what i was doing than the adults were. i was too focused on trying to find that balance between knitting and keeping my eye on my little ones to really notice though.
this past weekend i took the kids to the park and sat and knit and all the other moms smiled at me. that was weird. i usually get stares for being a young looking mom and god forbid they see my tattoos. but smiles! i actually lost track of time and ended up staying at the park way longer than we had planned to.
i think i <3 knitting.