I <3 YarnMarket!

I had an experience over the holidays I meant to share with everyone and forgot until just now.

I ordered 2 hanks of Rio de la Plata sock yarn and and a bag for gifts. I got them just in time, but was really disappointed in one of the colors. I know that these things can happen when purchasing online, but it was weird because the color depicted on the website, was PERFECT except that those colors only appeared in about 20% of the hank. :frowning:

Anyway, I called in to set up an exchange and got the most WONDERFUL representative, who was courteous and helpful, put me on hold so she could go pull the yarns in question and discuss them with me and compare to the website, etc. I ultimately wound up deciding to keep it because with the time and cost of S&H, I could pretty much get another hank, but imagine my surprise when minutes later the phone rings and YarnMarket is on the caller ID and it’s her. After speaking with me, she went back again to the yarn and pulled several different colors and called me back to discuss the variations and colorways and handpainting. ‘Above and beyond’ doesn’t adequately describe it!

I have long lusted at their website, but this was my first actual order, and this experience is going to keep me going back again and again and recommending to others, which I’m doing here. :slight_smile: On top of that, they even altered the pictures on the website to better depict the colors of the yarn, which I think really demonstrates customer care and follow-through.

I shared this with them, of course, but wanted to proclaim my love for them here, too. :slight_smile:

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful 2008 so far!!!

wow that’s awesome! especially going back and updating the photos of the yarn. i’m the same, i look at their site every now and again but haven’t placed an order. i will definetly not hesitate next time!

thanks for the rave review! I always love hearing good things about people and sites, broadens my horizons for shopping:roflhard:

:woot: That is sooooo great!!!:woohoo:

And they ship really fast, too!!! Love them.:inlove:

britty, you’re quite right! i said “just in time” but i failed to mention that i ordered a day past their last day to order in time for christmas, and still got it in like 2 days without expedited shipping! gotta love that!!!

I know-- I swear I hadn’t even finished typing in the order when mine arrived:) .

I’ve had great customer service from them too. They called to let me know that a sock yarn I ordered was out of stock, but that they were expecting a shipment soon. They asked if I wanted to order a different color or if I would like to wait till the shipment came in. I said that I would wait and it was maybe a week later when it came! Yay for YarnMarket! :cheering:

Gotta agree with you! I’ve ordered from Yarn Market a few times, and I’ve always been pleased.