I am watching some show on the Style network called, get this…

[color=darkblue]CRAFT CORNER DEATHMATCH[/color]

This has GOT to be one of the FUNNIEST things I have ever seen…kinda like Iron Chef, but with crafts!

This guy (more like a WWF commentator) is the emmcee, and tries to rile the competitors and audience, while a chick that resembles the Bride of Frankenstein wheels out a cart covered with a big trash bag. The craft supplies are unveiled at the “bell” and they have a certain amount of time to build whatever “thing” with those supplies.

They had to make a watch band out of nothing but hot glue and jewels, and now they are making a wedding cake out of miscellaneous Hostess products.

During the last round, the remaining player goes up against THE CRAFT LADY OF STEEL!

Has anyone else seen this?!?

Saw the ads, it looks like a hoot! Do they do the crafting challenge in the dark in every episode? I told DH that I’m a perfect contestant since I’m really good at crafting on the fly, but he pointed out that having me hurry with scissors, knives, hot glue guns, etc. is NOT a good idea. I will have to watch from the sidelines, for I do not want to acquire a knickname such as “Squints” or “Digit” or “Patch”.

I’ve seen it. I can’t sit an watch that guy though. He gets on my nerves!!! :evil:

I have seen it. It was funny but looks like it might get old fast.

Did anyone watch the show Wickedly Perfect when it was on? I watched the first 2 or 3 episodes, and got SO SICK of those people…i didn’t think either of them were wicked or perfect. Sheesh. Its a little disturbing to me that crafting is being comemrcialized as some kind of contest. I do what I do because I like to do it, not because it’s cool, trendy, on TV, or makes me better than someone.

I know…SOME of these “reality” shows (whose reality is THAT, by the way??) make me feel embarassed to be a human being. But THIS one is just FUNNY.

Hilde… they will commercialize ANYTHING they can get their hands on, anything they think is hot, they are so bereft of ideas themselves!

I started to watch it but had to go or something. Will take a look next time though.