Hybrid knitting - a question

Is it possible to knit the basque of a sweater on a knitting machine, then take it off and proceed knitting the body of the garment? Has anyone done this?

Basque? What’s that? I have no idea.

It’s what we call the ribbed beginning section of a sweater or vest.

Sure. I’ve never done it but I know that some people do use the machine for ribbing.

Now that I know what a basque is… It certainly is possible, though I would caution about twisting stitches when transferring the ribbing to circulars to complete the body.

Most of the machine knitting patterns I’ve seen work the body on the machine, and pick up stitches to work the ribbing by hand. Necklines on a machine are tricksy buggers…

Elsebeth Lavold, a Swedish designer, uses a knitting machine to do the st st of a garment…and uses needles to do the fun part, the cabling and design work.

She divulged this on an Alaskan Knitter’s Cruise my BFF and I took back in 2004. EL was one of our four knitting designers giving classes.

As for myself, I do everything by hand, and wouldn’t think about getting a knitting machine to do my hard stuff (st stitch)! But EL is on a time crunch a lot of the time. She wants to crank out a garment to wear for an event.

Yes, I used to find ribbing tedious but somehow I’ve gotten past that and I find I enjoy it more. I wonder if it’s like a runner’s high and I’ve just broken through some mileage barrier on ribbing?

:woohoo: Knitting needles and getting high? :cheering: That’s great! Clean, safe, productive…all good! :heart: it!

Ribbing is VERY tedious as slow as you loose a stitch every time you bring the yarn back and fro! but we all know this.

I’ve had a slight change of heart about ribbing now and take it as a very meditative part of the knitting process … I’ve learned to adore every stitch as a new born little creation just briming with cuddles and love.

Sweet! You have a true love of knitting. :slight_smile: