Hush A Bye Layette

I have finally finished the complete Baby set called Hush A Bye Baby. It took me 11 weeks to knit the entire thing but I was working with a scanned copy of a vintage 1945 pattern. Some of the folds had obliterated the words and parts of it were so faded I had to guess. Looks like I guessed right.
After messing about with the photo for an hour I’m told I don’t have authority to access some page or other so if you want to see the photos:

That’s beautiful! :inlove:

Check the link in my sig for photo info. I’m not sure what people are doing when it says that, but you aren’t the only one.

I reduced the pic to 800 X 800 but then the kb was too high and when I reduced that I wasn’t “allowed access”. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow with a different photo.

It’s a blessed outfit! I personally adore sets like this! I’m glad you shared the link!

It is truly gorgeous. I wish more new mothers would put their baby’s in beautiful things like this instead of the garbage you are stuck with in the stores. You did a fabulous job missing instructions and all.:muah:

Just perfect. I’m glad you persisted with the vintage pattern. It woked out beautifully.

Job well done! This set is absolutely gorgeous.

That is absolutely adorable!! You did indeed guess right!:muah:

Those are gorgeous! I can see why the set took a while to knit, but it was worth the effort!

That is really beautiful, I am sure to be a family heirloom. These are always my favorites for babies.