Husband's Christmas Hat

Our first Christmas together I decided to knit my husband a hat! I just started knitting and haven’t even finished my first project (a monogrammed felted bag) but I dropped everything to learn circular knitting and dpn’s. Whew, and to do all this in secret! But it was so much fun!! It fits perfectly and he loves it!!! :cheering:

It looks great! I’ll bet he was really pleased!

Aw, it looks wonderful! :cheering:

And he looks so cute in it AND proud to be wearing it! :thumbsup:

I swear, after learning to knit on circs and dpns, I don’t want to knit flat things anymore…

Great Job! Looks nice on him!

GREAT job! I have to knit my hubby a hat soon.

Well, how CUTE is HE?? REALLY good job!

How cute is that hat and your DH too??? What a great hat! I thought the rolled brim ones were girly, but now after seeing the one you made they are for either gender. That one is totally manly.

:cheering: :cheering: Great job–fits well, too!

Niiice!! Cute hubby too! :smiley:

Great job. I have to knit my DH something soon to convince him to support my habit. Have yet to pick up the dpn’s or the circulars yet.

Way to go! And getting it done in secret… :cheering:

Nice hat. :thumbsup:

Nice eyes. And they match the hat too! :smiley:

Great hat… and the hubby’s not bad either! :wink:

thanks for all the great messages! yeah, the hubby is definitely a keeper, Christmas day was our 6 month anniversary! :heart: :inlove: :heart:

That hat looks great! Hats are next on my “try to do” list. WHat pattern did you use, I love the rolled brim?

The hat looks wonderful-great job! I’ve only knit 1 hat so far -and it was too short!:blush:…LOL…but i’m going to make another 1, that actually fits!

I used one of the patterns from Joelle Hoverson’s Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It was super easy (which worked out well for newbie me) She had all kinds of variations on the brims, so it was actually hard picking one!