Husband Sweater KAL

Is anyone interested in a husband sweater KAL?

You’ve picked the husband, so you pick the pattern! :slight_smile:

After reviewing [I]many[/I] patterns with my husband, he’s agreed on the Alpine Zip-Neck Pullover, which was free from the Lion Brand website. It’s knitted with Wool-Ease (no full wool for him, as it needed to be easy to care for), and goes up to size XL.

Because he’s big and tall, I had to re-size the pattern based on a pullover he owns. I purchased my 11 skeins of Lion’s Brand (same colors as pattern indicated), knitted up my swatches, and cast on 128 stitches for the back piece.

Please join in if you’re interested! :cheering:

Otherwise, feel free to check-in and read about the progress(?) of this sweater. :waving:

Nice sweater! I haven’t got a husband and don’t think my BF would wear one like that. Besides, he’d like his all in wool… :wink:

I’d love to, HOWEVER…

I told my dh that I won’t knit for him until he quits smoking (too many burn holes in his clothing from him being careless with lit cigarettes)

Nice sweater, bet he’ll look great in it.

Mine can’t wear sweaters at all, always far too warm, but I am starting a pair of socks for him.

[B]suzeeq[/B] - I had to show my husband many, many different sweater patterns and pictures before we finally narrowed it down to the type of sweater that he would actually wear. There is no way I would ever attempt this without his signing off on the pattern. :lol:

[B]LilHuskiesFootBallMom[/B] - That would be deal-breaker for me too. My husband is “tough” on his clothes, so I’m a little worried that he won’t treat it with the proper respect! :lol:

[B]Debkcs[/B] - I think socks are a great idea! I was concerned that my husband would be too hot and was actually thinking of doing a sweater in cotton.

I’ve gotten about an inch of ribbing done on the back piece, and hope to get a lot more progress made over the next week, as I’m going to be gone on a driving-intensive vacation. Nothing says driving vacation knitting to me more than endless inches of stockinette stitch!

Nice pattern, is not easy to knit for a guy cos of his height and it gotta be a big piece. I admired u for that. :yay: i had knitted my DH a long sleeve cotton yarn sweater many years back, and it still fix him :wink: ,however is the weight of the sweater that puts him off from wearing :sad:, and bringing it out for holiday.

Good luck with your knitting, :knitting: :knitting:

When were you thinking of starting? I am actually planning to knit the Wash sweater for my hubby, but I have some other UFOs to wrap up first…

If it’s after the 1st, I might join you!

for those of you planning on making it, starting after xmas Joann’s is having a sale on wool-ease for 1.99 a skein according to their flyer i got in the mail yesterday

Hi! That’s a great looking sweater-I would love to join as well, but I also have a couple things I’d like to finish first~ a Moss Grid Towel for my Dsis and a shawl I’ve been working on for months for my DMom. Neither should take long if I put my mind to it and just do it.

I was wondering if it has to be this sweater? I bought some yarn already for another pattern (if I could only remember which pattern that was! :teehee:). It’s LB CottonEase. My DD has a sweater out of it and it’s holding up very nicely so I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a good choice (crosses fingers!).

My DH is a big and tall guy too, and I was thinking of socks for that reason :p~LOL!!

That sweater is very nice. I’d love to knit one for my dh but he doesn’t wear sweaters…darn.

I may join in! I started a sweater for DH months ago but put it off. I’m almost to the arm hole decreases on the back and I know he’d love me to get working on it.


New member here and I’d love to join you:). I’m hoping that participating in a KAL will allow me to finish my husband’s sweater!

I was hoping to finish this sweater by Christmas, but I decided to work on other things instead like making him socks. I’ve finished decreasing the armhole and almost done with the back. I’m using Wool-ease in grey, two strands at the same time. It’s nice, because this sweater knits up fast. He doesn’t want me to add the zipper though. To see a picture of this pattern, go to:

It’s the two strand pullover.

I want to make either a sweater or vest for my hubby, because he LOVES sweaters. :slight_smile:

I’ve found a few patterns that I like, but most of them don’t have his size. :pout:

He’s a big guy - bouncer size. (Size 3X) Love him! :heart:

I don’t know if you’ve seen this one–it’s fairly simple, but you could probably add some color or other embellishments if you wanted to:

Yes, I’ve seen that one before, but it’s not really my hubby’s style. I have found a few that fit him. I just need to buckle down and buy a truckload of yarn to make one of them! :teehee:

you could try the top down raglan patterns that are deduced by measurements. that would be his size with certainty.

My hubby is a sweater lovin’ kinda guy. I may join you! :woot:

And you know what they say about the ‘boyfriend sweater syndrome’!

Never knit him a sweater til ya got the ring! :teehee:

I’ve returned from my vacation…boo…but was able to complete the entire back piece of my husband’s sweater! :cheering:

It took almost 3 full skeins of Wool-Ease…almost 600 yards…all in the darker gray! :ick: It measures 30 inches long and 28 inches wide at the widest part.

Here’s a pic of it. I had to use some of my kitchen knives to hold down the edges. :lol:

Either tonight or tomorrow evening, I’ll cast on (128 stitches!) for the bottom ribbing for the front piece. At least the front is broken up a bit (after 20 inches!) with the light gray split square in the top half.

I would really love to finish this before winter ends, so my husband could at least wear it a couple of times, but I’m not so sure if that’s going to happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely join in! This thread is going to be my motivation to keep knitting through the zillion yards of yarn it’s going to take to finish my husband’s sweater! :lol:

That’s cool that you found a pattern that will fit him that he’ll wear.

Even though I’ve finished just the back piece of my husband’s sweater, I feel like I’ve knit a small afghan! :lol: I totally hear you about the “truckload” of yarn.