Husband looking for a gift

Hello - I’m a husband of a knitter and her birthday is this weekend. I’m looking to get her “something different” for her big day. I was thinking getting a “Yarn of the Month” deal but don’t know which one to get her.

I see there are a few yarn of the month deals but don’t know which one to choose. Have any of you received any of these?

Thanks for any insight!

Best idea? Knitting Kit! It includes the supplies for the whole project.


www theknitkit dot com??

I have had my eye on the scarf of the month club at Patternworks - it gives you a chance to try out different yarns without committing to a sweater’s worth. They also have a sock club if she’s into knitting socks. Here’s the link to the scarf club:

A knitting kit would be one of these sorts of things: It has the yarn and the pattern, she supplies the needles, stitch markers/holders etc.

What a cool little gadget.

However, I’m not sure thats what Angela was referring to. I think she was probably referring to a kit that sells a garment’s supplies all in one thing. Essentially its just yarn and a pattern. But they give you yarn that should work very well with the pattern and they give you enough yarn to make the garment. Pretty much you just supply the needles and the know how. Some kits even include the needles.

If your wife uses more expensive yarns, and doesn’t have them already, I would suggest a ball winder and a swift. Can be found here.

Thanks guys…

I think I’m going with the sock of the month club from patternworks.

This weekend? Not much time.
I bet something that has to do with you learning to knit or trying would be welcomed.

For some reason most women find it hot for a man to knit. Probably for the same reason I think women archers are hot.

But if she’s an expert and you’re not, finding a class that would be suitable for both would be difficult. If you had more time to learn signing you both up for a sweater class would probably be a surprise.

After this is over…you should tell her to come here and sign up!!!

If my husband were to suprise me with a knitting gift…(the probability of him even making an effort is incredibly slim)…A gift certificate to a yarn store online or brick and mortar, is what i would like, because even tho the effort is nice, he doesnt know [I]really[/I] what i got my eye on and a gift certificate will let me choose my gift!

Altho there are some that would say, thats not personal…but i would rather get a chance to choose than get something im not gonna use!
In his defence tho…him buying a craft related gift for me, would be like me buying him a chainsaw or a tool of some sort…prob wont get the right one cuz im snobby about my craft stuff.

All of this does not negaite your efforts tho!! Kudos to you!!:thumbsup: And happy birthday to the lucky lady!!

Maybe outright ask her what she wants?

a trip to her local yarn shop’s always good too :slight_smile:

If you know your wife likes to knit socks, I think that would be a wonderful gift!:cheering: