Husband beginning to worry about me

At the moment I have two projects on the go, a 3rd (my first all in one piece blanket) being planned, yarn on its way, I am always on here posting and am reading ‘A Good Yarn’ by Debbie Macomber (with the next 2 in the series sitting on the shelf). I am up to my eyeballs in this knitting addiction and my husband is very bemused. Now I am daydreaming out loud about opening a yarn and craft shop in our small town. He just keeps shaking his head at me!


That’s OK. My husband wants to commit me to a mental institution! I have 3 projects going, a whole cabinet full of knitting/crocheting supplies AND huge containers of yarn in our basement that seem like they’ll never get used!!!

I wish we lived on the same side of the ocean – I would LOVE to open a small shop! My grandparents grew up in Ireland and I’ve always wanted to visit! Maybe someday I’ll actually take a trip there!


Yesterday I showed my husband the pictures that were posted in ArtLady’s “Finally Organized” thread and stated that I needed cubbies in which to store my materials. He said he has some wood and will build them for me. It’s been three years since he said he was refinishing my end table.

I’ve been knitting like mad while I can, have the time, etc. but today I promised, no knitting. So… uhm… you know… I just need a taste, a little pattern perusing. That’s all I need and I’ll be good. Just a small hit and I can get through.

Hey, pssssst. Got any yarn? I’m feelin’ sick, you know. I just need a taste…

I think Trvvn was more right than even he knows.

I have several partial projects heaped up in a corner next to the couch and when we can’t find something my bf teases me that the yarn ate it…

Simple solution - get your spouse to join in your addicted. Now my DW is OCD and has only one project on the needles at a time and I tend to have two or three.

When I first started knitting everyone was quite amused by the fact that I talked and lived knitting all the time. Now after 4 yrs they just seem to take it in stride. No one really even thinks twice when I stop in a store to stare a sweater to figure out the cables or whatever. I haven’t heard “You’re obsessed!” in ages. :teehee:

Lest you think this a man vs. woman thing, I regularly sneak more yarn into the house.:slight_smile:

Friday night my husband went fishing and got home long after I had gone to bed. When he came in to tell me was home, he asked me what I was dreaming about. I told him knitting. He couldn’t beleive it.

When I’m not actually knitting, I’m thinking about knitting, listening to a knitting podcast or looking at knitting on the computer. I am completly consumed by knitting and I love it that way.

Does he hunt as well, how many sporting, fishing, hunting etc. magazines does he get? How must does he spend each year on supplies.

If he fly fishes just remind him of all the nice fly tying materials those extra pieces of yarn make.

There are much, MUCH worse things to be obsessed with! :mrgreen:

When older people see how much I’m into knitting they simply say “Well, at least he’s not into drugs/alcohol”.

When people my age see me, they’re simply perplexed.

Then of course there’s my family who says it’s psychological.

They just don’t understand how interesting/fun/addictive knitting is :smiley:

Wait 'til he hears a knitting podcast, mine did a double-take when I told him I was listening to ‘Stash & Burn’. LOL!

LOL I’m so glad my addiction to crafts is too broad a thing to be called an obsession. I don’t really stop too often to get into a specific thing long enough for it to be called that. A.D.D. crafting ftw!

I’m horrible at owning addictions. I smoke ~1 pack of Natural American Spirit (Greens) in two months.That’s a good couple of cartons less than my dad’s Marlboro habit. Since finding out that I smoke so infrequently though, my dad has lessened his habit in an attempt to look “cool” to me :roflhard: