Hurt Book Sale

Well after more than an hour of trying to place an order I have officially given up and decided it is a sign that I don’t need more books. SERIOUSLY I JUST WANTED TO GIVE MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER!! :wall: I couldn’t get through the final step after trying repeatedly and i officially lost patience.

However, there are some decent books and whatever i have gotten from previous sales i could barely tell there was a problem with them. most issues were things that could have easily happened in shipping. Just have to be willing to be patient with their EXTREMELY swamped servers. (seriously whatever you are imaginging, it is at least 20 times worse!)

Btw… late afternoon and evening aren’t usually toooo bad for browsing but a lot of the good stuff will be gone by then.

I’m patiently waiting (working while the pages come up). So far I am on page 5 and don’t see too much I want…

well i already had a lot that was on there that i might have been interested in. some i was interested in were already gone. and the rest… well i wasn’t interested. :slight_smile:

I gave up. If they want my business, they are going to have to upgrade their server for these hurt book sales. I was also in the home stretch and could never get any further. I just bought a few books from Knitpicks for 40% off and there was NO waiting - plus, they won’t take 3 weeks to get here, either, like the IK ones will.

I can’t even get to the site:shrug:

yep- took 30 minutes just to get in. Got so frustrated I gave up.

Just as an FYI when i bought from them during their last sale, I had my books within less than 2 weeks.

Well that was … um fun. The three books I wanted were sold out. Oh well, maybe I need food better than books this week. :rofling:

I tried and gave up, too…then went to look @ the KnitPicks sale again. The books I really want aren’t released yet!

I tried, too since I don’t have any craft books at all and THOUGHT it would be a cheap easy way to get books. HA!! It took over 20 minutes for the first page to load and then almost half the pictures were missing. I guess I’ll stay bookless for a while longer.


Tried. No joy.




found two i liked… but well. not enough to buy them. probably would have if the 3rd onewas still available. :shrug:

I was at work when I got the email so I was letting the pages load while working. I ended up getting 3 books: The Dyer’s Companion, Spin it and Twisted sisters sock workbook. All + shipping for less than $23!

Can anyone tell me how much shipping is please? I hate when sites don’t tell you that until after they have credit card numbers, when I need that info in the first place to decide WHETHER I will buy. Shipping on say 1 or 2 books. (the Wrap and Scarf Styles for $15 + sh are tempting, or is the website teasing me with offers that are already sold out?)

If you try to put it in your cart it will tell you whether or not it is sold out.

I had three books in my cart and i THINK the shipping was around $7. I don’t remember with 100% certainty though.

Major server problems and not worth the frustration when you can skip on over to Amazon and get the book for a few dollars more (at least at the ones I looked at) and get free shipping to boot!

I didn’t have any problems getting in and ordering my book - Wrap style. Not sure that with shipping, I got that much of a deal. I already have Scarf Style and I really want Lace Style but didn’t see it on there! I think all the good stuff is probably gone. What other knitting books were on there?

Make sure you check the prices at amazon or other book places before ordering (assuming you try again to get in). I found a sock book I’d been eyeing up and was on my Amazon wish list. I check, and the Amazon price was still considerably less then the 50% off price at Hurt Books.