Hurry! Hurry!

Just let me finish this row.

:noway: :noway::noway::noway:
gotta finish my first ever sweater and I am still at the start, can I take it take it with me? I gotta finish :knitting: it


Aww… My vacation starts that day!


I may be doubly cursed.
:zombie: :zombie:

I just realized, my Linux OS is named…

:noway: [I][B][I][SIZE=“4”][COLOR=“Purple”]Maya![/COLOR][/SIZE][/I][/B][/I] :noway:


Guess I better hurry up and finish these socks, don’t want to have cold feet on the 21st.

Better yet… :clink: Eat, drink, and be merry for Saturday :eyes: I gotta do housework. :ick: