Hurricane Irene

Anyone else preparing to get pummeled?

Here in the DC metro-area we are supposed to get hit from 3pm tomorrow until 3pm on Sunday. The Boyfriend and I went out and bought some peanut butter and bread since they are predicting we will be without power for 2-3 days. Looks like I’ll get plenty of reading/knitting done this weekend.

My daughter is in DC. Hope you all don’t get too much!

Get bottled water and lots of batteries, too. I weathered Hurricane Isabel in 2003 on the East Coast. Some parts of Baltimore didn’t have power restored for three weeks. Take care and be safe.

Hope everything is okay so far!

I am getting more and more scared as the time goes on. It is 1:16 am here and the wind is howling and the rain is falling hard and fast. I live in Philadelphia PA and we are expected to get hit the hardest between 4am and 8 am…Eeep!! Irene please be kind :pray:Crossed Fingers

Of course we’ll be kind. :hug: Keeping fingers crossed for you!

We’re getting a pretty good pounding in CT, especially along the shore. I hear upstate NY has bad flooding. The wind is still howling here but the bad rain is just about gone where I am in Eastern CT. I have some big oaks around my house and we’ve been very lucky so far. I’ve not lost electricity so far but there are those here in town who have.

Our heartfelt best wishes go out to you. If it’s any consolation, the hurricane has now been downgraded to a tropical storm. I checked on what that means. Winds from 39-73 mph, compared to the 115 or so when it hit North Carolina. Stay safe!

We only lost power in my house for about eight hours but about a quarter of the town still has no power. Many other towns are worse. Still, we are very lucky with no loss of life around here and comparatively little property damage.