Hurray....My berry first crochet project!

I have done my very first Crochet project…

I didn’t have any eyes here in TO, so I will have to wait til the weekend before she has any eyes…

I was very proud…

The only thing that really bugs me is you can see her stuffing through the holes…

Does this just mean that the hook was too big?

Anyway…thanks for sharing my excitement :cheering: :woot:

Better pic on Ravelry

Congratulations! :slight_smile:


Aw! It’s BERRY cute!! :slight_smile:

So cute I want to hug her.

SO cute and as for the stuffing you may have over stuffed a little.

Absolutely adorable…what a great project…I just started crocheting about a month ago…isn’t it so much fun?
Merry :slight_smile:

I am not sure I like it yet…but I like to learn it because there are many a knitting pattern, or technique that sometimes needs the crocheted touch…

I wasn’t sure how to stuff it…but good to know…I will ease up on the stuffing next time!

Great job! Wish I could crochet that well. As for the stuffing - I read somewhere that if you line the object with old hosery, it helps keep the polyfill from sticking out. Haven’t tried it yet.

Great job! She looks adorable!

Cute little bear…you did a great job

It was a pretty funny story…I was talking to a co-worker on the phone, (she had done some crochet before) and I was reading her the very first instruction…something along the lines of ch 2, sc 5 times into first ch…

I was like “huh” and she said to me…what are you working on…
I said…a bear!

She said to me, “people normally start with granny squares you know”

In the end, this wasn’t as hard as it looked…it was cute…and mostly all sc…I got to learn sc2tog, and ch X into one stitch…and got to practice my sc’s over and over again…smiles