Hurray for ""

I ordered a needle on Sunday and got it today. is fast. I was sweating it because I need it on Sat. morning for a class. :cheering: Yep I’ll be ordering from them again.

Good to know. Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:

I’ve only ordered from them once, but it sure felt like I got my yarn before I even ordered it. :roflhard: In fact, the yarn arrived the day I got the email saying it had shipped. I was impressed with them!!

it seems important to point out, too, that they are shipping from Canada! So they are shipping Supah Fast to us people south of the border!

Elann is located close enough to the British Columbia/Washington state border that they actually ship from both sides. For Canada they ship from their actual location, and for the US they bring it to a post office just over the border. Means I get stuff from them faster than anywhere else I have ordered from! :happydance:

ooooh bootlegging yarn! exciting!! :wink:

I love Elann, they’ve always been fast for me!