Humidity and needles?

Does the heat and humidity affect needles? I love my quick silver needles that I’m using for socks. I took them with me out this weekend and while we were in someplace for dinner, I started knitted and my needles feel really different. Almost sticky feeling - the yarn isn’t gliding on them like they normally do. Can I do something about this? Could it be the heat? Just a curious question :thinking:

it prolly is the humidity I know my staircase bannister is so sticky well basically everything in the house is sticky and icky feeling… I saw on Knitty Gritty where she put her knitting in the freezer to cool it down so you might be able to try that… :thumbsup:

I find that when that happens to me, it is more my hands than the needles that are icky. If I wash my hands (with cold water!) and start again, things start to move a lot better again. I’ve also from time to time washed my knitting needles (not bamboo though, I should specify just so that people aren’t dunking their bamboo needles in water) to get the “stuff” off and that helps too.

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It’s pretty hot here too and I find the wool clings to my little finger and can mess up the tension.

I love old Aero needles and have a couple of duplicate sets which I wrap in a plastic bag and put in the ‘fridge. That way, when things get ‘clingy’ with ye knittin’ I just switch them over for the chilled ones.

I haven’t thought of putting my knittin in the freezer - knowing me though, I’d be daft enough to put the needles in as well. Ouch!!

Hope it helps

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