Human Food & Doggy Poisons


As there seems to be a few posts about animals in the last few days, I thought this one might be helpful for dog owners:

It’s got the more obvious ones on, such as chocolate and raisins but there are a few surprises as well.

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I knew about the onions and garlic, but not about raisins.

Broccoli surprises me. :shock: My doggies like the bottoms of the broccoli stems whenever we have them.

Thanks for keeping us aware about those though!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I did not know about grapes my puppy loves green ones hates the red ones[/FONT]

That list is kinda neat, but the garlic throws me. I make my puppyhead homemade treats because then I know what’s in 'em and because it’s more economical. I have a site bookmarked for recipes and most of them include either fresh garlic or garlic powder.

Hiya Flea

Thanks very much for the link to that site - it has some really good info. on it.

Garlic? Hmm - I Gargled - sorry, Googled: is garlic poisonous to dogs?

All the posts, from animals associations and vets seem to warn against giving dogs garlic - it is, after all, a member of the onion family.

From what I’ve read, more and more foods have been added to the list during the last five years. By the way, just what are Macadamia nuts, I wonder - is there a place called Macadamia?

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macadamia nuts are from Australia! They are quite oily and rather unusual in taste.

There’s some more info on this page that doggy owners might find helpful.

Great link, but did you see they have alcohol, marijuana and tobacco on there. I’m sorry, but if you’re feeding your dog drugs or alcohol, I think there’s some serious issues there!

I used to babysit this wacky family and dad would come home and pop open a beer and let the kids (4 and 7 or so) each have a sip. Ugh!


They let their kids drink beer!?! I know its just a sip but you never know the damage it could do to their little bodies. You’d also think pet owners would know better than to give those things to their dogs, but I’ve heard of people letting their dogs drink alcohol if it spills or something and then the dog gets drunk.

The actual Australian bush nut (macadamia) isn’t used in a lot of large industry/orchards - those are generally a hyrbrid. Maccas are bad news for dogs. Hawaii tho has a HUGE macadamia industry. Maccas coated in chocolate are yummy…so are candied maccas and some like a nut butter (like peanut butter) made from them. Macadamia oil can be wonderful for cooking certain recipes and is used in a lot of cosmetics or just as a face or massage oil.

Just remember that it’s not altogether unusual for children in some continental families to have a sip of red wine etc.

I’ve seen people on the street who I assume who smoking dope hold their dogs face and blow smoke into its nose deliberately to try and get it high. :cry: