I’m working with a Rialto sweater pattern and I am stuck on these following directions for the sleeves:

Inc and work into moss st panel as set, 1 st at each side of centre panel on the foll 7th and 11 foll 8th rows.

I understand that I work the pattern as it goes, and I know foll= following or follows or whatever. What I don’t get is:

Following 7th and 11 following 8th rows.

HUH??? That completely looses me.

Do I work 6 rows then increase on the 7th and 8th rows 11 times? That is my interpretation, but I’d rather make sure it is right the first time.



Your increase row is row 1, the following 7th row is row 8, then you go to increase on the 8th row after that, and the 8th row after that, etc. So row 8, 16, 24, 32…

That makes sense! Thank you so much!