Huh? knit double 2x2 rib?

hello! i’m working on an ipod cozy but i’m a little confused about these instructions…

[I]Using 3mm needles and double knitting wool, cast on 40 stitches and knit double 2x2 rib[/I]

…what is meant by ‘knit double 2x2 rib’? are they saying to double strand? or maybe knit 2 groups of 2x2 ribbing (which would be 4 sets of ribs)?

thanks for any help!

I looked at the pic & it looks like normal 2x2 ribbing to me. Maybe they even mean literal double knitting (there’s a vid on this site under advanced techniques) to make it double thick… Not sure, though. Sorry for all the non-help. :oo:

I think that’s simply referring to the yarn weight - DK weight, the DK stands for Double Knitting. I think sport weight is about the same.

Yep, went to scope out the pattern n I am thinking that double knitting is referring to the yarn itself (same as wilds theory), I also think that something was lost in translation when dd transcribed the directions from mum. So I am thinking that that particular phrase isn’t really sposed to be there.
It should read:
Cast on 40 sts, knit 2x2 rib for blankety blank amount of inches…