Huggable Hedgehog - Show me yours!


Ritaw: ooh, his bottom, he probably won’t appreciate me saying “what the heck is this bit?” then, lol

Thank you, I am glad to know I am doing this right!! I will keep going then.


You are welcome lol

I have just had a go at felting in my front loading washer and nearly flooded the kitchen.

I managed to get him out.

His front is felted but the back is not done yet so i may have to put him back in.



I [I]was [/I]doing it wrong. His bottom got weirder and weirder looking and I just knew I had done something wrong but couldn’t figure out where I went wrong.

I had a break from it (did a bit of crochet actually) then came back and it was glaringly obvious what I had done - I had forgotten the knit row in between so I was knitting 5 then w&t and then knitting 5 and w&t all at the same end.

What an idiot. He just got stranger and stranger and didn’t look like anyone elses embarrassed

All sorted out now so chugging along!!

I have a front loader too so I might have to hand-felt him.

Ritaw, I just had a look to see where you are because I knew you must be in the Uk! How did I know??
When I went travelling over there one thing I noticed was that english people have their washing machines in their kitchens!! very strange, lol. Over here we don’t do that.
It will be my laundry room that I flood, ha ha!!


Lol well i have just put mine in with some water from the kettle . Hopefully it will be ok .

My machine is what the call childproof only it is also adultproof and no doubtly bullet proof :slight_smile:


I have finished the main part of the front, now I have to do the paws and the back


I’m getting impatient Rita :eyes: I want to see how it looks!:teehee:


I am sorry to say that it was a disaster. My fun fur yarn was not good as when my hedgehog came out . It was very bald.

It looked terrible. There was so many gaps . although the wool had shrunk and felted , the fun fair was not very good and shrunk too.

I have a friend who has kindly offered to send me some lionbrand tto try again. I was so upset. I even posted in the questions section but no one replied lol.
Apperently not all fun fair is good for it. On ravelry another person had major balding issues.

You will have to wait till my next attempt :slight_smile:


Carry on sheridan. cannot wait to see it.


awww hugs


Thank you.

[I]I needed that hug :)[/I]

[I]Have you heard of anyone else with this problem?[/I]


Rita what ghastly news!! You poor thing, roadkill already lol.

Should I ‘test’ my fluffy wool? I have just started the back, nearly put all the stitches on, (completely lost count of course but got the gist of it).

But now I think I would like to test the fun fur wool first.

Boiling water straight on it or knit a swatch? hmm…

I’ll be back!!


Sheridan !

From my experience . I would knit a small swatch with both yarns as you would for the hedgehog . Then try and felt it and see if it is ok. If it felts but leaves big gaps then do not use it.

Yea lol road kill hhhaaaaahhaaa .

Poor thing! It is not cheap either to make and throw away.

The cascade is 5 pounds here without delivery , that would make it at over 11 dollars


The “fur” part of mine doesn’t look as full and fluffy as all of ya’ll’s. I think I’m getting the wrong kind of novelty yarn.

See what I mean? And you can see an awful lot of the wool through his back fur. I want to


Hi Flea! Mine looked totally bald . and the fur had shrunk.

What fun fur did you use? Apperently fizz and lionbrand are the main substitutes. I contacted Fibertrends just make sure for my 2nd attempt.

So sorry .


I used some that I found in my LYS discount bin on the way to check out when I bought my wool yarn. It’s… Filati FF “Park.”

It seemed more than full enough, but I’m using Fun Fur on my next hedgie to see if there’s an improvement.


Good luck with the next one. :slight_smile:

Have you tried to felt for a little bit longer . Looking at your top picture. I think it may need a bit more.


Here are two close up pics of mine . he was bald lol
He looked great before he went in. (bottom Pic)


Those colors look great together Flea. I agree with Rita, you might want to try to felt it some more. My back did felt a lot slower than the front.


I can just toss it back in again and that’s cool? Well… I can’t think why it wouldn’t be. heh. I’ll do that! Thanks!


Ldet us know if it works flea.