Huggable Hedgehog - Show me yours!


yippee!!! They’re very fast, I knit all 3 of mine in 1 week. I think the pattern was very easy to follow and yes wota will work, you’ll need 165 yards for each hedgehog + 10 yards contrasting color for paws + 100 yards of eyelash yarn, I used lion brand’s fun fur (need 2 skeins per hog). The Michael’s here is closing it out at $1.00 a skein! Can’t wait to see yours.


[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=blue]Thanks! :hug: The store was closed when I got out of work last night, Wednesday is their late night-so will pick it up tonight. yay! I have to finish dd’s sweatshirt then on to the huggables. [/COLOR][/FONT]
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I’m a severe newbie and was able to complete this lil guy. The first one I did I just did with some cheap acrylic yarn since I did not want to waste good yarn and flub it up bad… For newbies, pay CLOSE attention to all your w&t’s!!! Kinda hard to frog fun fur!! LOL… But they are great and a lot of fun… even for a newbie I got it done within a few days.


yeah!!! Theyre easy to do, just require a little counting, I’d wait to do the backs till my kids were napping or down for the night. You can see pics of mine from today’s post on my blog, just click the purple sock on my sig.


[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=blue]:cheering:they are great! and I love the slipper sock. My mum would like those i think… may do some to put in with her Christmas package. Thanks for sharing![/COLOR][/FONT]
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Hi i have managed to get the pattern at last . I am in the uk .

Can someone help me .

When you do the back do you use both the wool and the funky yarn together?



Yes you do. You knit with them both at the same time, and it doesn’t look quite right until you felt it. But once that wool shrinks up the funky yarn scrunches together and the ends poof out and it makes a fantastic, full, fuzzy back.


Thank you ADAllen,

I have been looking at all the lovely hedgehogs everyone has made and i feel inspired. They are great!

I have never felted before so this will be a first.

I can tell you that getting the pattern here is next to nil.

A very kind friend in America has kindly sent me a copy.

Thank you again for your kind advice.


No problem at all. I’m really excited about seeing your hedgehog. If he turns out half as cute as your elephants were, then he will bring all sorts of love and joy to someone’s life.


Thanks so much. The elephants went down a treat with the girls at my sons party last week.

I would like to ask one more question, I have never felted before. The pattern states for 10 ply . Is that aran wool?
and does it have to be all wool. I have aran but when i look at the label it says 100% acrylic.



I’m pretty sure it has to be 100% wool. I’m not sure if it is aran or not. I used Cascade 220 for one and Wool of the Andes for the other. I don’t know what you have available to you, but I think acrylic won’t work. If you wanted to test something in your stash, you could try doing a felted join (get the two ends wet and quickly rub them together in your palms for about a minute to join them together).


Hi again!

I have just come back from my LYS. They had no pure wool just mixed stuff. So i have just ordered two balls of cascade yarn from the internet. I will still have to wait to knit my hedgie. I have got the needles and the funky fur.
All i have to do is wait.

One more question… When you knit the back is it knit withe the colour that is used for the paws othe colour that is used for the front of the body?

Thank you


One hank of the Cascade 220 will be enough to make the front and back of your hedgie. I just used some scraps for my paws and face. If you want to use a different color you probably could. For example if you wanted to really different colors like PixiPurls’ Spiderman Hedgie then the contrast color might be better for the back. If you decide to use a different color you will be able to see the change at the hair line.


Thank you!

As i said i ordered two balls in different colours so i will be able to do two then.

After all that searching to find the pattern here in the uk i managed to obtain one from a friend in America.

Well someone has sent me a link today , that we can get it in the uk.

here it is.


When i wash it to felt what temperature does it go on and is it for the whole cycle?


I got my yarn in the post today. Hooorahhhhhhh:cheering:

Can anyone of you lovely people talk me through the felting process.

I am in the uk and i have a front loading washer.

Thank you


Ok, it’s much easier to felt in a top-load machine- so, you can check the ‘felting process’ often… that said…

I did live in Italy w/ a front load washer and here is what I did.

IF you know which cycle uses the least amount of water- use that (small loads) and hot water only. *I just turned off the cold water on the faucet for the cold water and remembered to turn it back on for future loads.

To ‘check’ the felting process… I actually just unplugged my washer… and after a few minutes I was able to open the door to check to see how things were going. It’s not the best method… but, sometimes the felting process will happen within 5 minutes.

AND, you know how long those wash cycles are for the European washing machines! AND, you have much less ‘agitation’ in the European machines- so, make sure you put something else in there for the felting to toss about with… jeans, cotton dish cloths, (no towels- the lint can get on the felted item)…

I also put my felted item in a pillowcase and tied a knot in the top… so, I didn’t get the felting fuzz/lint all inside the machine.

Truthfully, for the next felting projects… I saved them until I went to the states and did felting at a friend’s house… but, it is possible to do it in your machine.


Thank you so much for your kind advice. I will try everything that you said:muah:

I have done the front and have started the back . This is my first time knitting on circular needles . And i have to say that it is killing my fingers. I am not sure if this is normal but i do not like it so much.

Here is a pic so far. The back is not halfway done yet ,so just use your imaginations


Thank you for your kind advice:muah: I will be sure to follow it.

I have done the front and have done part of the back. I have to say that this is my first attempt at using circular needles and i hate it lol .
My fingers are killing me . am i doing something wrong or is this normal?
Anyway here is my hedgie as it is with an unfinished back.


I am stuck, already. I am only 13 rows in and already confused.

Okay, so I have been knitting 5 and then w&t and then I think I got up to row 12 (sidenote: how do you keep track?, I have heard of ‘stitch markers’? what are they and where can I get one?).

So now my hedgie looks like this:

So now it says “[U]LEGS[/U]” and I have to knit 4 stitches for 9 rows, which is fine, but am I doing this right? [B]What the heck is the bit I just knitted?[/B]
(I am one of those people who needs to visualise it or see it as I go :aww:. So I knit 4 stitches from this bit?.. or am I on the wrong row and need to go to the other end and start working on 4 stitches from that end?


You are doing it right. The four stiches knit for 9 rows is the foot which later you will pick up stiches and attach the paws onto.

The begining bit you have just done is his bottom .

You can get stitchmarkers from your Lys . I found that if after every w&t i write down the number i am to do , i do not lose track. so if you havedone 5 w&t then write down the next nuber and start to knit.

I hope this helps. I am no expert as i have not finished mine yet but that is my advice so far.