Huggable Hedgehog - Show me yours!


He looks like a rock star!


GLad I’m not the only one those arms confused, I actually put my first hedgie down for like over a month because of those dang arms lol… once you get it though, the second hedgie is WAY easier!


I should be starting up another one this weekend or early next week. I’ll try to take a picture of my yarns before I get started, but sometimes I just get so excited to cast on that I forget about pictures :eyes:


Your hedgehog is such a cutie!! <- only 2 yrs later right?? lol

(ps. please forgive me I am still trying to figure this website out) I was kinda out of commission for 3 months, cause I had a broken ankle and anyhoo I mistakenly thaught this was an old thread…my bad???)


My kit finally arrived, and here is my finished hedgie!!
I am really pleased with how he turned out. I decided to embroider his nose and eyes as he is for a 2yr old niece for Christmas - she chews everything so I didn’t want eyes being swallowed!!!
Anyway, here he is!


very cute!


Love these hedgehogs! I’m from the UK - anyone know how I can get hold of a pattern?


I just finished my second hedgehog. I made his eyes and nose a little small. Maybe I’ll try to needle felt some more on before I stuff him. :think:

He’s pretty darn cute though, and he and his brother are going to make an adorable set for the twins!


These little guys are too adorable everyone! I must make one! :drool:


if there’s not a UK supplier/distributer, someone over here could order it/get it from their lys and ship it to you. i’d offer, but i’m flat broke until i get my first paycheck from my brand new job that i hopefully start on thursday. :roll:

my, my. after seeing the hedgies in this thread, i am apparently going to have to make a few of these myself! :wink:


KnittingNora, what yarn was that you used for your hedgehog? He looks great!


I just ordered this pattern and was wondering how much yarn and what needle size is suggested? I want to ensure I have everything so I can start the day it comes in :slight_smile: Thanks in advance… everyones lil hogs looked soooooooo cute I HAVE to make some myself!!! You guys are such enablers :slight_smile:


10.5 and 11 needle 24" circ. 10 yards contrasting wool for paws 165 yards for hedgehog and 100 yds novelty yarn for fur…then whatever you want to use for face features, embroidery floss or buttons or whatever. I have this memorized b/c I just dyed my yarn and began #1 for my kiddos for Christmas-you can see the pics of the yarn in my blog.


Thank you so very much!!! Love the yarn!


here is my finished hedgie, and the happy niece who got it for her 4th bday :slight_smile:


that’s so cool!
How’d you do the eyes and nose? before or after felt? and with what?


i stitched them on before i felted. :slight_smile: same cascade 220 yarn as the hands and some patons classic merino (the black eyes)


Thanks Jeanie, I’ve finished #1 & #2 and will finish # 3 today. Once they’re felted I have to hide them at my Grandma’s house to dry.
What’d y’all use to stuff them with while they dried?


i gutted an old pillow :wink:

i washed it in hot water and dried it in the dryer, then ripped and stuffed


[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]I just called and they will hold the last one for me! :woot:I can’t wait to make a few of these for the grand kids! Is the pattern pretty straight forward? Will WOTA work for them? Everyones’ finished Hedgies are sooo cute! :heart:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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