Huggable Hedgehog - Show me yours!


yup, fizz! That’s it.


i am casting on today! anyone double strand? what size needle did you use (single or double) … TIA

p.s. my first one is going to be bright pink :cheering:


I know your supposed to kit it loose, its on a larger needle then the yarn calls for because it felts better if its loose apprently.


So is mine!! My DD picked up Pink and Purple…I’m using this purple disco yarn!!!


I’m making a pink and purple one too! Also, I am making one for my dad to put on his desk at work and it will be orange and navy because that’s the university of illinois colors where he went to school. I am also planning on making a lime green and purple one for my friend… so much to do!


i was picking out the yarn (i had lys owner pull out the pattern for me too) and she asked what i was making. the colors my dd was holding were pink, yellow, and a heathered lavender/grey. i said hedgies and she was kinda surprised at the color choices :rofl: it was great! i am going to take them with me when i go to knit night on thursday! i just finished the first 3 rows of the back… i am going to stitch in the eyes and nose, then back to working all those short rows sigh

i also just knit and felted a hot pink sheep! have to photograph and post in whacha knittin? forum…


yeah at my LYS everyone was shockd I was making a “colored” hedgehog lol! THey are so much cuter then the other ones IMHO, I mean its a toy right? it should be fun colors!


Ok, I am just about to start a hedgehog for my friend’s birthday next week and was wondering if you use the same yarn from the front of the body to knit with the novelty yarn on the back. Or, if the novelty yarn matches the yarn on the paws, could you knit with that on the back? I wanted to know what everyone else did!


I used the paw color yarn to carry with the novelty yarn.

I’m almost done with mine, I’ll post pictures tonight.


here is my hedgie, almost ready! i need to do the last set (decreasing) of short rows… it’s for my niece, sh’s turning 4 on the 19th:cheering:

sheep is from the fiber trends felted flock pattern… sheepie is very interested in the new guy …

[I]sheepie says, “why do you have a can in your butt??”[/I]
[I]hedgie says, “why are you full of socks???”[/I]



Those are SOOOO cute jeanius!!! Great job!!! :yay:

I started my hedgehog yesterday and am working on sewing the arms and legs. I am confused about how to do this because the directions don’t seem to really tell you how. Do I fold the arm/leg over like the first pic and sew it up? Or do I do that and fold over the remaining section of the arm/leg and sew the two together. It’s really hard for me to explain this for some reason in words so sorry if it doesn’t make sense. That’s why I am posting pictures. Which way is the right way?


Think of the blue part as the front of the hand/arm. You actually roll the whole ‘arm’ down. There is no elbow in the arm. That little corner is more like an armpit. I’m not sure how to explain it, but neither of those pictures are quite right. I remember being really confused by it too. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful, but I’m at work right now. If somebody hasn’t done a better job of explaining it by the time I get home, I’ll try to draw something up for you. Good luck! I love those colors :wink:


ya know, as I look at your pictures more, I think your purple/blue may be in the wrong spot. I think it should be along the long edge of the arm.


hmm thats weird… I picked up the stitches on the edge of the arm. This part has me really confused :??.


Yep. You should have picked up along the long side to knit the contrast and then rolled the arms down.


I hope this helps:

here is what your arm should look like:

Here is where your CC stitches should go:

Here is how you roll the arm down:


amanda… you rock! I was trying to look thru my hedgie pics and see if I had any pictures before I sewed up the arm but your pictures are perfect!


Thank you so much Amanda! :hug: it was so nice of you to post that!!! Now I just have to redo the paws and do just like what you showed in the pics. Thanks! :happydance:


I hope they help. I remember that part being really confusing. I was so determined that my hedgehog was going to have elbows.


Just a few more rows and “Harry” (my DD named him, the pink & purple MALE hedgehog) is ready to felt.