Huggable Hedgehog - Show me yours!



Here is a photo, last night flickr for some reason wouldn’t let me put it here but it works today. i still don’t see how to put those eyes in, because I am afraid to cut it!!!

I took it to work today and someone sQUISHED it and im like OMG don’t do that its still drying!! lol DONT SQUISH MY HEDGIE!!! lol


you could poke little holes using a small needle or a pen. should work. it won;t unravel cause its felted! i love his fure! its so bright and full!


I just called my LYS and ordered this pattern, they are sending it to me and I should have it tomorrow!! :slight_smile:


Thank you for posting those other ordering links Amanda - I have ordered my hedgie!!! Can’t wait to get started on it… so much knitting to do, so few hours in the day hahahaha!!


My pleasure! I’m always glad to enable :wink:


I just got my pattern. I think I will work on this in the car on the way to Laughlin this weekend :slight_smile:


I put his eyes on a tad crooked but i think he’s still cute. everone at work thinks he is very cool and they can’t believe I MADE him haha!

So I ran straight out the next day to the yarn store to make 2 for my nephews, the first one is spiderman themed in colors. it was funny in the yarn shop a lady was like, what is she making? Because they had to help me find the eyelash because they redecorated and it was this big to-do and this one lady goes, she’s going to make a “colored” one??? lol I thought it was funny they had never fathomed making ones in COLORS! This is just a few hours work last night, MUCH faster then the first one :slight_smile:


awwww… spider hog, spider hog… LOL CUTE!


Here is the progress :slight_smile:


Spider Hog!


these are all sooo cute!


Wow! I am inspired by all the hedgies! I actually have the patten & yearn ready and waiting to make one each for my kids as christmas presents. I can’t wait to start them now.

Question: anyone using a front loading machine to felt? I am worried because once the cycle starts, there is no taking it out!

Ooh, another question. A very beginner one… if I don’t have the exact needles the pattern calls for, will using a slightly different size mess things up?

Great job everyone!


I bought the pattern! :cheering: I am not gonna start yet though, because I want to finish some projects first. I was wondering… would Cascade 220 or Lamb’s Pride work best? These sound like my top choices, but wanted an opinion on which yarn I should buy.


I’ve used both. I think I prefer the Cascade because the mohair in the Lambs Pride makes the body extra fuzzy.

You can see the difference in these pics.

Blue/purple hedgehog in Lambs Pride.
Tan and green hedgehog in Cascade.


either would work! :slight_smile: you need a worsted weight 100% wool yarn. just make sure its NOT a superwash wool :mrgreen:


I’m working up to the head part and realized I didn’t use worsted…

Maybe I’ll just end up with a baby hedgie :slight_smile:


a baby hedgie would be adorable :slight_smile:


Hey everybody! OMG, these hedgies are the cutest thing! Years ago, I babysat my friend’s hedgie for the summer. He wasn’t the most playful of guys, always curled up in a ball. I think I’ll have more fun playing with this one!

Sooooooooo, can you give me advice on what yarn is going to give me the fullest, fluffiest back fur? I love Pixie’s blue fuzzy hair on hers and would like to get some that gives me that effect.

Thanks bunches.


I think “Fizz” is way better then eyelash, eyelash is longer but not as “full”. I loved fizz, oddly enough the red one seems to photograph like he has more fur, but the blue one is “thicker”. I prefer Fizz.


Are you talking about this yarn? Just wondering. I bought Lamb’s Pride worsted today for my hedgie but am searching for the novelty yarn. I may have to check out the Fizz yarn…